Australia faces skills shortage in many sectors, All State Occupation Lists revised.        New Zealand’s migration and tourism arrivals touch new high in July-August.        New Zealand grants over 200,000 temporary work visas in the year 2015-2016.        British Columbia would need 110,000 skilled workers at its transport hub by 2025.        Canadian government contemplating quicker premium services for immigrant applicants.        Canadian provincial and territorial leaders seek more French-speaking immigrants.        Quebec receives 5,000 skilled worker applications via Mon project Québec route.        Canada’s Immigration Minister promises to hasten visa processes of immigrants’ dependents.


A highly developed first world country which offers variety of cultures with esteemed lifestyles, Australia is the world's thirteenth largest economy and has the world's 7th highest per capita income...


Canada is the second largest country in the world; Canada has a rich cultural heritage.Canada is known high standard of living,strong economy and vibrant multiculturalism...


United States of America can be called as the dream destination for immigrants across the globe; Visas were issued to more than 6 million foreign nationals to visit USA. 400,000 immigrants migrated in 2008...


The United Kingdom, commonly known as UK or Britain is a sovereign state. The UK is a developed country and has the sixth largest economy...


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News & Events

  • 04 Aug 2016 BC Invites Candidates to Apply for Immigration to Canada through BC PNP.
  • 12 Apr 2016 Express Entry now offering detailed report on ITA Candidates.
  • 11:05 Canada's Start-Up Visa Program Sees Increase in New Permanent Residents.
  • 11:10 IRCC Issues 799 Invitations to Apply in Latest Express Entry Draw for Immigration to Canada.
  • 11:25 Quebec Entrepreneur Immigration Program Reaches Intake Cap, Though French Speakers May Still Apply
  • 11:30 Canada and U.S. Agree New Preclearance System for Certain Border Crossings by Land.
  • 11:45 Ontario Places Temporary Pause on Certain Immigration Streams, Other Streams Remain Open.
  • 11:55 Alberta Announces Dedicated Phone Line for Immigrants and Foreign Workers After Fort McMurray Fire.
  • 12:00 Government of Canada Moves Closer to Major Changes in Citizenship Law.
  • 12:05 AINP Applicants Affected by Northern Alberta Wildfires Given Additional Time to Maintain Eligibility.
  • 12:10 British Columbia Has Immigration Allocation Increased, With More Candidates Issued Invitations in May 12 Draw.
04 Aug 2016
BC Invites Candidates to Apply for Immigration to Canada through BC PNP in August 4, Draw Quebec Reopens Registration for Skilled Worker Immigration Program demands 5.5 bands ielts.

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