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Permanent Residency Australia


Australia, the sixth largest country and the twelfth largest economy is one the best places to live permanently in. Sharks, turtles and beautiful corals are the denizens of the Great Barrier Reef. The pulverized white sands of the beach, the exuberance in the ambience and the alluring beauty of the sites will leave you applied. The succulent beef and steak will leave your taste buds tantalized. It is also a great place for a BBQ fanatic and a gourmand. Staying in Australia also augments your chances of accosting Michael Phelps.
Obtaining a permanent residency for Australia is an arduous, if not impossible, task. A non-citizen has to apply for permanent visa to be able to stay in Australia without visa applying for visa extensions ever. After obtaining a permanent visa you can live and work in Australia without any restrictions. You get most perks of being an Australian citizen after gaining access to a permanent visa to Australia.
If you have a relative who is a resident of Australia, then this cumbersome task will become quite lucid and easy for you. You will be able to avail maximum perks if your fiancé or children are Australian. The road to getting a permanent visa on the basis of your work is quite capricious. Still you will be able to avail this opportunity if your employer sponsors you or you migrated through some program by Government of Australia. New Zealanders do not need a permanent visa.

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 It is imminent for you to collect all the necessary documents required to apply for permanent residency. Australia immigration can be time consuming but making sure that you meet the parameters and have provided the documents will abate the impact of time and money loss on you. You will have to go through a points based evaluation. You will also have to clear a relevant English language proficiency test and skill assessment test. Each state in Australia has its own skilled occupation list (SOL). You will have to go through it and select the field appropriate you. Expression of Interest is also to be submitted.
Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) provide a form that can be downloaded or filled up online. Application fee will be charged according to the norms. You can even attach the documents with the form. Apply early as DIBP can take weeks to even months to process your application. After the transformation of your Australia visa into migrant visa, you will be able to avail many benefits such as the right to education, work and even applying for citizenship.
Nile Migration houses some of the most skilled and experienced agents who can make the application process a cake walk for you. Our agents stay updated on the recent norms of the application process which makes their information and advice authentic and reliable. Our agents are amiable and will give you the necessary attention and walk you through the whole process of applying for Australia PR.


The procedure of attaining permanent residency goes through various stages. If you have the backing and support of an expert, it will be helpful. Rely on the experience and expertise of the team at Nile Migration. Get in touch with us to know if you qualify and to know about how you can apply.


You are eligible to apply for permanent residency of Australia if you meet certain set criteria –
  • Age Under 50 years
  • Professionally Qualified
  • Minimum 3 yrs work experience
  • Lived for at least 2 years in a particular regional area in Australia and worked for 1 year in the same area
  • Attained sponsorship under Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.


1. What does the visa allow me to do?
On getting the permanent residency of Australia you are allowed to

  • Work and Stay in Australia indefinitely
  • Study (domestic student fee applicable) in Australia
  • Travel without Visa to New Zealand.
  • Apply for Australian citizenship
  • Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • Access to government education and child care system for children
  • Enroll in Medicare
  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years from the date of issue of visa

 2. Are there any costs, other than that of application of visa that I might have to bear?

    Apart from the application cost you would have to bear the cost for medical and health assessments, police certification, and other certificates and tests as and when required.

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