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The Canadian Experience Class is a category where immigrants can apply for permanent residence if they have already earned some experience of working in Canada. Therefore, individuals who have been temporary workers in Canada or have gained some educational exposure or have studied in Canada can apply for permanent settlement permit in this category. Individuals with prior work or educational experience in Canada can apply for permanent residence along with their dependents like children and spouse under this category.


In order to be eligible to apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), one should meet the following criteria-

  • One year of work experience is a must. The experience has to be a full time one and should be in the occupation categories classified by National Occupation Classification (NOC). The categories of work experience will be under the heads of managerial, technical and professional skills. The categories are named as Skill Level 0, Skill Level B and Skill Level A respectively.
  • Application for permanent residence should be placed in this category within a period span of 3 years after acquiring the work experience in the particular skill category.
  • Candidate should have a valid legal status in his/her previous stay stint in Canada. Should not have any inadmissible conditions on the basis of security, background, criminal or medical grounds.
  • Should have the adequate proficiency in any of the languages namely English or French. The proficiency level in the language depends on the work experience that the candidate has declared or acquired.
  • Should plan to reside and settle outside the province of Quebec

Some of the other points worth noting are that there could be some occupations under the categories specified by NOC which are not eligible to apply under this category. In addition, if anyone has a part time experience, then the accumulated work experience should amount to a period of one year. For instance if a person has 15 hours/ week of part time work experience for a period of six months, then it will be counted as 3 months of experience. However, one has to meet the requirement of 12 months so he/she can show other concurrent work experiences as well.