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If you are interested in obtaining Permanent Residence in Canada, there are many ways that you are able to do so through Canada Express Entry& so. Canada offers a variety of different categories under which you may obtain your Permanent Residence. Because applying for Permanent Residence to Canadais such a long endeavor, the prospected candidate should be in contact with a reliable immigration consultant who provides you end-to-end visa assistance. Thousands of immigration consultants are out there who claim to be the best immigration company; but are they really assisting the way they should?Certainly Canada migration is not a plain sailing; the process takes at least 6 months of time and the candidate needs to go an extra mile to have a successful application.Hence, it is very important to get in touch with a reliable immigration consultant who works for your dream and makes sure you achieve in life with what you deserve.

Since you have dreamed of moving overseas; you will have enough botheration, doubts and questions to tackle with. Here is the time you should contact a legal representative or a trusted visa and immigration consultancy servicesthat can support you at each step. Nile Migration is one of the leading immigration company situated in Delhi which is known for providing hassle free, safe, high quality immigration services. They assist you and ensure you submit the right application that meets your need and gets you a Canada visa. In terms of obtaining Permanent Residence, a couple of popular categories are the Family Class and the Economic Class. The Family class application relates to sponsorship. If you are married or are in a common law relationship with a Canadian citizen or Permanent Residence, you may be sponsored for Permanent Residence by this family connection. Another popular way to obtain permanent residency Canada is through the Economic Class which involves

-          The Federal Skilled Worker: You have to have at least one year of experience in this eligible occupation as well meet the educational requirements of the intended occupation in Canada.

-          The Federal Trades Worker: You must have an eligible trade and also need to have a job offer valid for 12 months.

-          Canadian Experience Class: For the individuals who have obtained eligible work experience working in Canada in any occupation that is considered highly skilled; meaning it falls under National Occupational Classification will help you get your Permanent Residence to Canada.

In order to be eligible for The Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trade, your intended occupation must be on the list of eligible occupations so as to qualify.