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Are you planning to travel to Canada for a vacation or as a tourist? Well then read on and know about the travel document requirements must for you. In order to visit Canada as a visitor or a tourist, one would need a “Visitor Visa” and an eTA or Electronic Travle Authorization. Citizens of United States and Canadian citizens are exempted from this process.


You can apply for a visitor visa online or through a paper application. In order to apply online, you should ensure that you have an instant access to a scanner or a camera so that you can take digital copies of all the needed documents and upload instantly while applying online.

 For applying through paper you should provide all the needed information. You need to pay the application fees. Ensure accurate data is provided. For some countries, one also has to provide biometric details.

Prerequisites for applying for a Visitor Visa

To visit Canada, you will have to meet some of the basic requirements. To name a few,

  • You need to have a valid passport as one of your primary travel document
  • You should be completely healthy
  • Should not have any criminal background
  • Should not have any immigration related issues or problems
  • Should have enough reasons / connections to prove that you will return back from Canada on a designated date on account of a job, family ties, other priorities or engagements
  • Prove that you have enough financial independence in terms of cash to be able to survive in Canada during your period of stay. The amount of cash that you should be carrying depends on various factors like whether your accommodation will be in a hotel or with family and friends, the duration of your stay etc.