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Are you looking for fool proof immigration options to Canada? Well then you have reached the right place. Our expert migration consultants will ensure that we offer you the best immigration services in the right and ethical way. In order to apply for permanent residence permit in Canada, one has to go through the state approved federal economic immigration programs. Express Entry is now the norm used to manage and screen the applicants willing to relocate to Canada.

The federal immigration programs are as follows-

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program run by provinces & territories of Canada.


In order to get an Express Entry profile one must complete an online application form. This form includes details about one’s skills, language and educational qualification. Candidates who meet the requisites of the federal programs mentioned above are added into a pool of candidates. The candidates who rank the best and highest in the pool are invited to apply for a permanent residence visa on monthly draws held.

Let’s now delve deep into the ranking system based on which the candidates are ranked.                 

                                     Free Visa Assessment Form


Skills, language abilities, work experience, education and some other parameters are assessed by this Comprehensive Ranking System to rank candidates who want to immigrate as a permanent resident to Canada.

Candidates receive an Invitation to Apply for the permanent residence permit based on the ranking amidst the pool of candidates. A candidate with a ready job offer stands a good chance of getting a quick “Invitation to Apply” as additional points are allotted to him/her which enhances the ranking. In addition, a nomination from any of the provinces or territories in Canada can get you 600 points in the ranking system. The points are allotted from a total base of 1200.


You will receive this based on your ranking in the Comprehensive Ranking System once you apply through the Express Entry Online profile. You will have to provide valid documentation and proof for all the information that you would have submitted online within 60 days of receiving the ITA. For instance - you could be asked to provide the results of a language test, documents of your educational qualification, valid written proof of a job offer etc.

    In case, you decline the invitation to apply in the first instance then you will find yourself again in the pool of candidates who meet the criteria for the federal programs until you get another invitation in future.


By now you would have understood the importance of scoring well in the Comprehensive Ranking System to be able to rank higher so that you could receive an “Invitation To Apply” post filling up your Express Entry online profile. Here are a few points to keep in mind to improve your score.

  • Improve your language proficiency so that you score well in the language tests
  • Strive to get a valid job offer to get a higher rank
  • Provide relevant work experiences
  • Target towards getting a provincial or territorial nomination
  • Provide relevant and accurate educational qualification details

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