Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa

Applying for a Skilled Independent (189) Visa 

For the 189 visa application, you will require to have a profession that is available on MLTSSL or Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills. Also, you will have to satisfy the standards of skills assessment associated with your occupation. 

Eligibility for the 189 visa depends on a point-based scoring system, which evaluates your age, work experience, qualifications as well as English proficiency.

After receiving your 189 visa

Once you get your skilled independent visa (subclass 189) approved, these benefits become yours:

  • You as well as your partner become free to work on your preferred job right after arriving in Australia.

  • You can choose to obtain education from any of the universities or schools in Australia.

  • You can begin the process towards the citizenship of Australia.

  • You can sponsor people who are in the middle of their PR applications.

  • You can utilize Medicare for subsidized health care. 

We have been successfully helping people with their goal to acquire Australia skilled independent visa. No matter which profession you belong to- nursing, IT, engineering or any other- we will provide our expert consultation and assistance to ensure the success of your visa application. 

In the process of skills assessment for 189 visa, you will require a variety of documents related to your training certificates, detailed references, and others. With our consultation, you won’t have to worry about making any mistake in your 189 visa application form or forgetting about any document. We have a committed team of professionals to make your visa application a successful process. 

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