485 Visas- Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa Application

485 Visas- Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa Application

You can be an eligible candidate for a temporary graduate (subclass 485) visa if you are a holder of a student visa, about to complete a study course in Australia or recently completed a study course in Australia. There are two streams of this visa-

  • GWS or Graduate Work Stream

  • PSWS or Post-Study Work Stream

We specialize in helping with the applications of the 485 PSWS visa.

Features of the 485 (PSWS) visa

With a 485 (PSWS) visa, you obtain a chance to receive the experience of working in Australia. The 485 visa requirements are pretty easy to fulfil. The 485 (PSWS):

  • It doesn’t present the need for an employer’s sponsorship, a state sponsorship or a relative’s sponsorship in Australia. 

  • It doesn’t require any skill assessment or point-based test system. 

  • It has no list of limited occupations, so you can choose any course with your preferred subjects. 

  • It provides unlimited rights to work.

Validity period of the 485 visa (PSWS)

The duration of validity of this visa depends on an applicant’s qualification. For most Bachelor’s degrees and Master's degrees, the visa validity is provided for 2 years. However, a Ph.D. holder can obtain this visa for 4 years. Lower than the Bachelor's level of qualification makes you ineligible to obtain the 485 (PSWS) visa. 

Your eligibility for a 485 visa (PSWS) relies on these factors:

  • Whether you are a holder of your very first and/or a subsequent study visa.

  • The date, on which, you submitted the student visa application. 

  • The higher education level you have accomplished in Australia.

English test requirements

The applicants of Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa need to fulfil the English test requirement. The graduate visa IELTS requirement includes a minimum of 5.0 in every section with a total 6.0 average score. However, under the 485 visa English requirement, you can select any one of the approved four English tests. Some applicants get exempted from this requirement depending on their passport. 

The right time to apply for a 485 visa

You need to apply for a Temporary Graduate (subclass 485) visa within the duration of 6 months after completing a course. It is a necessity that you stay in Australia when lodging for the 485 visa.

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