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What is Aged Dependent Relative (Subclass 838) visa 

Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 838/114 is related to the older age individuals who are economical, physically as well as psychologically dependent on the family relative who is the permanent resident or eligible citizen of Australia or eligible citizen of New Zealand.

Eligibility required for the Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 838/114 

•    The applicant must have to be present in Australia while applying and shall be sponsored by the relative or relative’s partner, who is currently living in Australia.

•    The applicant shall reveal his/ her reliance on the relative in Australia for at least 3 years to meet up his/her essential needs, i.e. shelter/ food/ clothes.

•    Applicant must not have the other half or a de facto partner

•    Applicant shall meet the age necessities

•    Applicant must have somebody who will offer a declaration of help and support.

•    Applicant should meet moral as well as health requirements.

Benefits of Aged Dependent Relative Visa 

The visa provides various benefits such as

  • It allows applicants to stay and work in Australia for an indefinite period.
  • It permits applicants to gain Australian citizenship if they meet the obligatory criteria.
  • It allows applicants to tour back and forth for 5 years that might be expanded if they meet the necessary criteria.

Visa Costs and Expenses 

The base application charge for Aged Dependent Relative Visa Subclass 838/114 is $3520 and if there is an additional applicant that is above the age of 18, then the additional charge of $1760 is required. For the additional application for the person below the age of 18, the required charges are $880. The applicants might have to disburse other costs also, for instance, the expenses of health evaluations, police certificates and any additional certificates or assessments. The applicant must acquire all the sufficient charges required for visa procedure.

Who can Sponsor for this Visa 

The applicants must be sponsored by the eligible relatives on whom they are economically dependent, as well as who have provided this support for minimum three years before applicants lodge their application. The partner of the relative can also be a sponsor.

To be a sponsor an individual should be

•    At least 18 or above years of age

•    Lawfully settled in Australia

•    Be the eligible Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident or an entitled New Zealand citizen.

The sponsor must consent in writing to assist and provide lodging and monetary support for the dependent relative as well as for any additional family person for their initial 2 years in Australia so that the dependent relative should not have to depend on any governmental schemes of income support.

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