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Know How To Reach Australia on Australia Partner Visa Subclass 309/100

Sponsoring your spouse or partner to Australia can really be daunting task and time consuming, especially if you are not aware with the right visa category to sponsor your partner to Australia. The Australia Partner Visa or the Spouse category visa of Australia is the popular type of visa that allows your spouse or partner to immigrate to Australia on temporary basis. However, you need to be a permanent resident of Australia living in the nation for over two years prior to sponsoring the Australia Partner Visa to your partner.

Application Process for Australia Partner Visa

The Australia Partner Visa is also called as Partner Visa Subclass 309 and 100 which allows the spouse or partner of Australian citizen to immigrate to Australia and live in Australia with their Australian partner. This visa category is also eligible for New Zealand citizen. The Subclass 309 visa is a temporary visa, while the Subclass 100 visa is the permanent one that allows you to stay in Australia if your Permanent Australian Partner has sponsored you the visa. 

Requirements for Australia Partner Visa Subclass 309 Visa

  • You need to prove your marriage with the permanent resident of Australia
  • The sponsor must be a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand
  • The sponsored partner must be outside of Australia
  • They need to be in relationship while applying for the Australia Partner Visa.
  • If the partner dies, then the other person needs to prove that they would have continued with the relation if the partner is alive and have a close business, cultural, and personal ties with Australia
  • The Marriage needs to be legitimate as the law of Australia

Australia Partner Visa Subclass 100

This is the permanent visa and it allows the sponsored person to immigrate and live in Australia with the resident of Australia. However, before applying for the Subclass 100 Australia Partner Visa, you need to become eligible and opt for the Subclass 309 visa which is the temporary visa offered prior to the permanent visa. After completing two successful years with the Subclass 309 visa, you become eligible for applying for the permanent Subclass 100 partner visa for Australia. Under certain conditions the permanent partner visa is offered earlier including:

  • If you are in relationships for more than 3 years
  • If you sponsor or the de facto partner dies while you are in relationship and you would continue if he/she is alive
  • If the relationship breaks and there is a child from the relationship
  • If the relation breaks due to family violence

How to Apply for Australia Partner Visa?

As mentioned, prior to apply for the permanent Australia Partner Visa Subclass 100, the applicants are required to apply for Partner Visa Subclass 309. After completing two successful years with the temporary visa, they will become eligible for applying for the permanent visa. 

Moreover, the applicants need to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the visa application to get approval for the permanent partner visa for Australia.

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