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Acknowledge yourself with permanent residence visa in Australia 

Australia is the highly renowned and top immigration country in the whole world. It offers large number of tremendous opportunities to the new immigrants, especially to the individuals who are coming on business visa, student visa and skilled migration visa.

Frequently asked questions-

Here are some Australian permanent residency faq-

Q.1- How to get permanent residency in Australia?

A.1- There are several visas based on points system under which people or individuals can look forward for the subclass 189 visa (Skilled independent subclass class) and subclass 190 visa (skilled nominated subclass). Some of the visas are permanent and temporary also. The other visas of Australia include- working holiday visa, the student visa and business visa. All these visas provide a glorious opportunities to the candidates to settle down and to complete education in the most renowned country Australia and individuals can invest money in the Australian economy for better growth. Australian permanent residence visa allows individuals to live and work in the country.

Q.2- How long does it take to obtain Australian PR visa?

A.2- it completely depends on the details such as- the type of PR visa you apply for, how correctly your application is filled and submitted, your base location when you apply for any Australia's visa. If you want to apply for PR through skilled visa, it's processing take at least 3 months.

Q.3- How to renew Australia permanent residence visa?

A.3- To renew Australia permanent residence visa, you must obtain the resident return visa (RRV), it will provide re-entry in Australia as a permanent residence.

Q.4- what is the fee for Australia PR application?

A.4- The application fee for permanent residence visa is completely depends on the visa you are applying for. Moreover, the fees for common PR skilled visa are mentioned below-

  • Primary applicants- $3600
  • Secondary applicants- $1800
  • Kids- $900
  • Skill assessment body charges- $500 - $1000 depends upon the occupation.
  • State nomination charges- depends on the occupation.
  • Medical and PCC charges- depends on the occupation.
  • IELTS certification charges.

Q.5- How to extend Australia permanent residency?

A.5- to extend permanent residency Australia, you should file a RRV (resident return visa) and must have the an evidence or documentation of former or current PR visa Australia.

Q.6- what is the cost of permanent residency in Australia?

A.6- The cost of permanent resident visa in Australia varies, but generally permanent resident visa costs 500 AUS $ upto 1000 AUS $ for skilled assessment. Normally, the skill assessment bodies differ according to the credentials assessment bodies. The landing charges for single applicant are 3600 AUS$ and for spouse 1800 AUS $ and for child 900 AUS  $.

Q.7- what are the benefits of permanent residency in Australia?

A.7- Here is the list of benefits of Australia permanent residence are as follows-

  • Freedom of education
  • You can work in Australia in any desired field.
  • You can travel easily from Australia to anywhere in the world.

Child benefits and medicare insurance 

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