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Australia is a country which is thronged by tourists every year. Now, you need to know what are the ways in which you can immigrate to this country. The visitor visa for Australia has certain requirements, which are necessary for Indians to go to this country.

These Indians can get to this country on this visa provided they are visiting Australia for reasons such as roaming the country, as a commercial visitor to conduct activities pertaining to their business and to meet relatives who are already there. This visa is quite useful for those who have near and dear ones living In Australia because they get sponsorship from the relatives due to which it becomes easier for them to travel here. So, those looking forward to getting with their family need to prove they are healthy through medical checkups prior to the approval of the visa.

The cost of application for this visa is quite minimal at AUD 140. However, the sponsor also needs to prove, that he has been residing in Australia for a minimum period of two years.

The visitor visa for Australia is required in case of Indian citizens who are going to Australia. Its because they can’t travel to this country on an electronic travel authorization. The visitor visa helps the candidate to stay in this country for more than a period of 3 months. The candidate is also eligible to make one or more entries to Australia. The maximum time for which a candidate can stay on this visa in Australia is just a year.

The requirements for this visa are not the same for every country.

There are some drawbacks to the visitor visa, that's why it's mandatory to take the help of a consultant. The visitor visa is not given to the applicant immediately, rather some time elapses before that happens. It requires almost20 days for you to know, whether your visa has been approved or not. It's mandatory that a candidate is outside Australia when he is making application for this visa. The Indians who want to come to this country on this visa should have the bank balance so that the Australian government is assured that it won't bear any health charges for them.

Its necessary for the Australians to ensure that the candidates they are inviting on this visa will leave the country as soon as there is an end of the visa duration. The candidates henceforth need to show some important documents for them to convince the government.

Such documents are as follows:

  • The candidate should have employers in India who should be waiting for his return from Australia. Therefore a candidate can either show his salary slips, leave letter signed by the employer. 
  • He can also show fee receipts for his kids which prove that they will have to attend school due to which its mandatory to leave Australia after some time. 
  • The candidates can also show that they have property in India and they will have to go out of Australia for its upkeep.
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