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Know Some of the Common Australia Business Visa 

Australia is positioned at 2nd rank in terms of wealth and GDP per capita and it is reasonably known for its lower rate of poverty, therefore making it the perfect destination for business and investments. The strong economy, perfect employment conditions, and conducive policies of government and lower poverty rate makes it is ideal country for all investors and businessmen. However, in order to visit Australia for investment and establishing business, the person needs to apply and secure the Australia Business Visa. There are different types of business visa categories which you may apply and visit Australia for the purpose of doing business or investments. Let us discuss some of the common and widely popular business visa category of Australia.

Subclass 132 Business Talent Visa 

This is the permanent Australia Business Visa which is designed to allow the foreign businessmen to start a new business establishment or develop any existing business in Australia. This visa category is basically nominated by the territory or state. There are two streams of this visa category including:

  • Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream – This is the category of business visa granted to individuals that have sourced venture capital from the member of Australian venture Capital Association Limited.
  • Significant Business History Stream – This visa is for high calibre businessmen or for the part owners who are looking forward to establish business in Australia.   

Business Innovation & Investment Provisional Visa Subclass 188 

As the name suggest, this is the provisional or temporary Australia Business Visa designed for businessmen who are looking to establish a new or develop a existing business in Australia by investing designated or specific amount in the Australian State or Territory government. It has mainly three subcategories including:

  • Business Innovation Stream – This is for those who want to manage or own a new or existing business entity in Australia
  • Investor Stream – This is for people who want to invest specific amount of money in any Australian state or territory government or maintain business activity in county
  • Significant Investor Stream – This is for those who want to invest at least $5 million in Australia  

Business Innovation & Investment Visa Subclass 888 

This is the permanent Australia Business Visa which is granted to applicants who are eligible and qualify the criteria for Business Innovation and Investment Visa and for this visa you are not required to submit any expression of interest. This visa category grants you to live and work and establish business in Australia. You need to be nominated by territory or state for this visa category.

Business Owner Visa Subclass 890 

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