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If you are a skilled and efficient labour in any sector, then there will be no dearth of better opportunities for you both in terms of job and career.  In the past few years, Australia has been one of the most prominent places where people immigrate from all over the world in search of their fortune. But you need to be confirmed that the job you are applying for is in demand in Australia. Every year, the government of Australia published a list of Skilled occupation where the officials which they require is out up and they focus on those occupations which has a shortage of labour in their country. These lists are:

  1. Medium And Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)
  2. Combined List Of Eligible Occupations

Each occupation has been linked with different categories of visa. Since visa is the foremost necessity for moving to Australia, you need to check whether you can link your preferable occupation with the particular visa. 

Documents Needed For The Purpose

Whether you are going for a job or for getting enrolled in a particular course in the universities and colleges of Australia, you need to obtain certain educational documents and certificates pertaining to your work experience. For getting the visa, the English Proficiency Test Score of IELTS is mandatory along with a report that assesses your skill. After acquiring all the documents, you have to apply for the Skill Select System which is an online process. In this test, a profile of applicant is created which is based on his or her age, educational qualification, work experience and ability to speak the language. The Expression of Interest or the EOI also needs to be submitted by the applicant stating the purpose of going to Australia. This will be under the category of General Skilled Migration or GSM and in order to qualify, a candidate has to get a minimum score of 60 only then he or she will be selected.

Take help of professionals to Assist you in this Venture

Although the entire process is quite easy, the assistance of some professionals always helps. Besides, the process is rather a tricky one so hiring a professional who have experience in this field for many years will make your work smoother and faster. The certified Migration experts will advise you exactly what you need in order to move to Australia. A reputed and registered Australian Visa and Immigration Consultant will help you to prepare your immigration file and apply for the visa you are eligible for under the same category. In case you want an expert to be a medium for applying your visa, you have to fill up the free assessment form that is there with various agencies. The process is hassle free and you can lay rest assured about the outcome.

After all the processes are completed, you shall be able to obtain your visa and then proceed with other necessary steps that are required for your stay in Australia.

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