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If you are a qualified chemical engineer and with the degree which you have secured you want to work abroad and live there. So, now there is good news for you, New Zealand and Australia are giving opportunities for the chemical engineers to live and work there. The reason behind this is the lack of needed number of chemical engineers who are ace at their work. If you think you are virtuous enough or work abroad and live there whether permanently or temporary, you will have to apply for the visa under Immigration to Australia - Chemical Engineer ANZSCO 233111.

There are number of visa programs under which you can apply for visa. But while you choose a scheme or program to apply for visa make sure that is suitable enough for you to secure the desirable points and meet the eligibility criteria and eventually provides you your visa be it, permanent residential visa or temporary visa for working at a certain place in Australia.

What does a Chemical Engineer do?

His task is to get ready the designs for chemical procedures and their arrangements.

  • He works on planning the control of the arrangements about the processes which are to be utilized, separate the components and test and check the occurring chemical changes. They also have to manage the storage of chemicals like liquids, gases and solids and also their treatment is done by them.
  • It is his work to check the operations and also look after the maintenance of the equipments for accomplishing the utmost efficiency and effectiveness under safe situations.
  • He analyzes if any chemical or plant meets break downs, and then he should know the tactics to deal with the corrective actions which are required.
  • He design plans and finally implement on the raw chemicals to build out new chemicals and products which can be used by the chemical industry to accomplish some sort of task.
  • To match the desired specifications provided to him he has to generate the product through the chemical equipments and chemicals present in the laboratory.

What are qualifications needed to apply for visa under this program?

To live and work in Australia you will have to apply for visa through ay of the provided visa stream. There are several visa securing programs, some of them which are convenient for the chemical engineer are:-

  • RSMS which stands for Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)
  • Temporary Business which is under the subcategory 457 (long Stay)
  • Skilled Migration Permit which is based on points

To get your visa to work in Australia as a chemical engineer you can choose any of the above discussed programs and apply for visa under Immigration to Australia - Chemical Engineer ANZSCO 233111. To get visa you have to meet certain criteria of eligibility. You need to have possessions of various documents and certificates to provide them the proof of your statements

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