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Almost every year a large number of people are deciding for migrating to a new foreign location, either searching for better job opportuinites or to settle in that country permanently. Now leaving your home country and planning to settle in some foreign nation is a huge decision to make and the procedures required for this purpose are even more complex.

But this does not mean that one cannot choose to visit other countries for making it their permanent abode. Infact, taking into consideration the immense increase in the number of potential migrants every year, the governing bodies of several nations have already started to broaden their horizons when it comes to applying for visa programs.

One of the most favourable nation that has been like the “apple of an eye” for many foreign migrants is the beautiful country of Australia. The reason for this is the ever-growing and developing ecomony of this nation which gives rise to so many business opportunites for skilled workers and employees. What can one get if they opt to apply for a permanent visa to Australia?

Benefits to avail from a PR visa card of Australia:-

Those applicants who wants to get enrolled for the permanent visa card program for Australia get certain privileges along with the visa. Some of the basic benefits are mentioned as follows:-

  • A permanent resident can stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • Once the stipulated time period is reached, a person holding a PR card can apply for citizenship also.
  • Along with the right to live and work in Australia, the permanent resident also gets to enjoy other beneficial services provided by the government.
  • You can also act as a certified sponsor for your family members living in some other country.

Essential Requirements for Australian PR visa:-

Just like other nations, the government has made it mandatory for foreign migrants to meet certain essential requirements before applying for permanent visa program for Australia. These requirements are as follows:-

  • Organize relevant documents:- The applicants needs to first get information as to what all documents are required for the purpose of applying for PR visa program of Australia. A set of educational documents, travel documents, etc needs to be arranged in proper sequence for submittion purpose. The basic documents that are obligatory to be submitted is are IELTS test results and report on the skill assessment test.
  • Selection of Visa programs:- Depending upon the individual requirement, an applicant can choose from several available visa program categories.
  • Skilled Occupation List:- People who wants to apply for job offers in Australia needs to select a suitable occupation mentioned in the SOL.
  • Submit the application in Point Based System:- The Australian government has introduced a Point Based System through which the applicants can submit their forms. Also there is a need to fill up EOI document in which you need to mention some personal details.
  • Acquire Health Certificate:- The applicant needs to acquire a verified health certificate that will ensure that the applicant is perfectly healthy and in good condition.

After the completion of all the above requirements, the applicant becomes eligible to apply for the PR visa program for Australia.

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