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Canada is one of the foremost countries to immigrate to in the current times due to rapid growth in economy and standard of living. For going to Canada, you can take up one of the following visas - Canada Permanent Residence Visa, Visitor Visa, Canada Express Visa, Canada Working Holiday Visa or A Student Visa. Over the past few decades, Canada has become a huge hub for a lot of the global trade as well as developments in technology and management. This has led to Canada being the best of the best when it comes to people wanting to immigrate.

Canada provides many opportunities to businessmen, international students, and skilled workers. Click Here to Check if you qualify for Canadian Immigration.

What does Canada offer to Businessmen, Skilled Workers, and Students?

Skilled Workers: For these types of people, there are a lot of opportunities as Canada likes to welcome people with great skills in particular areas such as IT, Coding or any other technical or even non-technical fields. When you have skills that are great in any of the fields, then you are sure to end up getting a good chance at a Canada Visa.

Businessmen: Canada offers permanent residence to those people who are ready to invest money in the country as they are looking to get a good amount of capital flowing in the country in a good way. When you as an investor invests a lot of money into the Canadian economy, they see you as an important contributing member of the country and are hence ready to give you a permanent residence in the country. This offer not only extends to you but will also extend to all the family members that are close to you.

Students: There are many thousands of students that come to visit this country to pursue studies in various fields such as arts, sciences, engineering, business, etc. They come here because of the quality of education that is not found in most of the other countries of the world. Canada excels in most fields of education and hence is a very popular place to come for a student. Canada also offers great scholarships to outstanding students who are sure to contribute to the development of the country in a good way.

What are the Immigration programs in Canada?

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has developed several good programs for people to use to immigrate to Canada such as Express Entry, PNPs, and QSWP. Some of the programs are listed below:

  1. Express Entry Program
  2. Federal Skilled Workers Program
  3. Family Class Visa
  4. Visitor Visa
  5. Permanent Residency Canada
  6. Family and Spouse Visa
  7. Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers
  8. Provincial Nominees Program
  9. Investor Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Persons Program
  10. Canadian Experience Class Program

What are the key requirements for Canada immigration?

The Canadian requirements for immigration are not too hectic, but they are in a way very reasonable -

English Proficiency - Canada requires that you are pretty good in English so that you will have no problems in communicating regularly with your peers and with communication during everyday activities such as buying things from shops, etc. For this, they want you to be pretty good at English. So, you will need to take up the IELTS exam.

Education - You need to be pretty qualified to make sure that you are given easy entry into Canada. Usually, an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) needs to be given. Typically, a WES report is what is used to make such an evaluation. There are other methods of creating evaluations but they may not all be accepted.

Health and Character Requirements - You need to be of good health as they do not want you spreading diseases or falling into sickness which will make you a liability to the state. So, health check-ups are a necessity when you are applying for immigration. Also, you will need to have some good character assessment as they want only good-mannered people to enter the country. They do not want prior convicts to come into to the country. This is a very reasonable thing to think about as no one wants bad people to be entering a country and causing havoc and trouble.

What is the processing time for Canada immigration?

Obviously, with any application, you will be seeing a stipulated amount of processing time. Here is some more information about the same. The processing time depends vastly with the following factors -

Type of Immigration Program - If you are entering with an Express Visa program, then your processing time might be super short when you compare to other visa programs such as QSWP, PNP, etc.

Visa Application - One simple thing that you can control is the visa application. The application, if it is in a good standing and is made without creating any errors while filling, then you can expect a short processing time. If you have errors in the application, then you can expect long delays as the consulate will need to contact you about these errors, and then, you will need to correct or rectify them and later the consulate needs to approve it. So, it is always better to make sure that your visa application is spot on and there are not many errors.

Documentation - How quickly and promptly you provide documents and info when asked for decides whether you get your visa in a quick manner or not as documents are super important for any application, and without them, the app will just stall and hang around which will increase the processing times too many days. So, make sure that all the docs you are asked for are given on a quick basis, and hence, you are not going to face huge delays.

LMIA Approval - The Labour Market Impact Assessment approval needs to come in quickly in the case you want a short processing time. If this approval takes a long time to come in, then you will definitely face a longer delay. This approval time depends on the industry and the position that you are applying to.

What is Canadian Immigration Points System?

Canada has a very good immigration points system where it checks many of your attributes such as age, education qualifications, work experience, skills, language proficiency, etc. to give you an overall score that will decide whether you are going to immigrate or not. A better score leads to an easier way to immigrate, if you have a very low score, it can mean that your possibility of getting into Canada is difficult.

How to Calculate Canadian Immigration Points?

As said before, it depends on your age, work experience, skills, language proficiency, etc. So, it is better to use the Bona Fide Canadian immigration points calculator. Once you clear a threshold, you will be allowed to apply for a Canadian PR.

Canada Immigration Policy and Rules

The rules and policies for Canadian immigration depend on the type of visa that you are applying to. There are two types -

  • Temporary Immigration
  • Permanent Residency

Both of them have their own policies and rules that will be different from each other. Although there are different rules, a few general application jobs remain the same.

How to Get Support and Assistance to Apply to Canada Visa?

It is quite easy to get a Canadian Visa, but there can be some hassles and troubles when you are looking to get the Visa through the application process. But it can be quite easy if you get the right kind of help. For immigration consultancy, contact us at Nile Migration. You can email us at or call us at + 61 29037 8432 or 01149-444-555 for more help as Nile Migration is the best migration consultant. To receive a call back, submit all your details in the form given below.

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