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How To Enter In Canada With The Help Of Student Visa  

What are the different programs for Student Visa? 

If you are an international student and want to work in Campus, eligibility is: 

  • You are a full time student in public post-secondary institution like university or college.
  • You are a full time student in Canadian private institution that has same regulations as the public post-secondary institution like CEGEP (Quebec) and get 50% of their finances from government.
  • You are a full time student in Canadian private institution that is authorized to provincial statute to get its degree.
  • You have valid work visa with you.

If you are an international student and want to work Off Campus, eligibility is: 

To get Student Visa under this category: 

  • You need to have a valid student visa
  • Not all institutes offers working off campus, so you should be studying in the participating institutions
  • You must acquire the grade which is required to be eligible for the program you want to study.
  • A form which is authorized by the province, the institution, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) needs to be signed so that your personal information is shared.
  • You need to have studied for 6 months continuously in the last 12 months from the date of application.
  • You have to be registered at an eligible privately institution's approved program or be a full time student of post-secondary educational institution which is publicly funded and is participating as well.
  • You need to have student work permit.
  • You can't work more than 20 hours per week when the academic session is going on and can work full time during break.

To work as Co–op student or intern, eligibility is: 

To get Student Visa under this category:

  • You need to have a valid study permit.
  • One of the most essential part of your studying program in Canada must be intended employment.
  • The work you are doing must be part of the academic program you are into and any responsible academic official of your college or institution must certify it by a letter.
  • Your internship employment can't be more than 50% of the entire academic program.

Eligibility to work in Canada after graduation: 

  • You must be a graduate from any of the given below options :
  • Public post-secondary institution like trade/technical school, college, CEGEP (in Quebec) or university.
  • Private post-secondary institution that has the same set of rules and regulations as the institutions funded publicly.
  • post-secondary institution or private secondary in Quebec that has 900 hours of qualifying programs and if more it gives an attestation de specialisation professionally (ASP), or diploma etudes professionals (DEP)
  • Private institution in Canada that is gets degrees from some provincial statute.

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