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Comprehensive Ranking System for Express Entry to Your Dream Country 

Planning a trip 

Every year, so many people from all over the globe visit different countries. There may be any reason behind the trip including tour and travel purposes, searching for employment opportunities, business conferences, and education and even for staying there permanently. Tourists make up a larger part of these people. As soon as they get holidays, they plan a trip to one of their dream locations. They get their tickets confirmed, pack their bags, and set off to a fun filled journey. Are you one of these kinds of people? Are you planning to do something exciting during your vacations? And also looking out for some recreational activities? If your answer is yes, then you can consider going to a country as beautiful as Canada but before that you need to have some knowledge about the comprehensive ranking system for express entry.

The point system 

Once the destination is set, the other important thing that you need to have is the ticket, and for that a visa. In brief, visa is a permit or a pass that allows people to move across nations. Some might not be aware that getting a visa is not that easy as it seems. There are certain eligibility conditions and a point system that play the role of deciding factors. The entries in the application form hold some weightage and an individual’s score is calculated as he fills it up. At the end the total obtained points are checked and a person’s eligibility is decided. Many do not know about this, but a comprehensive ranking system for express entry exists in which ranks are allotted to the candidates as per the following parameters-

  • Human capital or core factor- 500 points max
  • Transferability of skills- 100 points max
  • Additional marks- 600 points max

Qualifying score 

Every exam that you give in life has a criterion of minimum or qualifying marks. This is done in order to decide who has failed and who has succeeded. Just the same way, in the visa application process, different countries have different comprehensive ranking system for express entry of an individual. This sometimes varies from nation to nation and one must understand the rules followed at a particular place in order to get the visa made. After checking the eligibility on the official site you can apply for the visa but only when you get a score of 67/100 CRS.

Increasing points quickly 

When you open up the application form, you will see various fields in it which are needed to be filled. They contain points as well and filling them properly is required. You can consider these things for instantly increasing your points-

  • Improving your French and English language.
  • Changing the primary applicant who is more qualified.
  • Get an ECA done for your spouse.
  • Obtaining a PNP certificate from the Canadian government.
  • Getting a job offer from a company in Canada.

Using these tricks can surely improve your score and will help you in obtaining a visa for your trip to Canada.

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