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Canada Express Entry programme has escorted immigration system of the country into a new and current era. The new express entry system is completely different in various ways and brought a huge transformation in the manner canadian authorities or government can easily or conveniently choose the experience and skilled immigrants for the immigration to Canada. The CIC canadian immigration consultancy does not properly forward the applications of aspirants anymore, but it selects the suitable candidates from the pool of aspirants, it would like to provide entry in the country for the betterment. For immigration to Canada, candidates are selected from last selected list of qualified aspirants. Features of Canada express Entry Programme-

Here is the list of Canada Express Entry programme features are as follows-

  • The aspirants who are qualified or  selected under the canada express entry system are allowed for permanent residence standing or status. Basically, candidates are not required to compete against the ceilings of occupation, the Canada express entry programme sans on the basis of first come first serve evaluation and the decided deadlines. The new programme or system of Canada includes several scheme namely, FSW (Federal Skilled Worker scheme), (FSTP) federal skilled trade programme and CEC- Canadian Experience Class.
  • Canadian express entry system is an electronic platform that grants aspirants or aspiring candidates to make their profiles online for free of cost that could also be maintained after a time period of 1 year after that candidates can update or resubmit their profiles.
  • Make sure that before starting initiating towards the profile making process online, you should negotiate for a preliminary process. It is necessary for you to get all the accomplishments assessed by the designated evaluation body or experts team of canadian country like WES and candidates should also write language test for evidence that they have language proficiency in at least each canadian language either French or English.
  • The profiles of candidates see measured and approved for eligibility via Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. The comprehensive ranking system  (CRS)  usually assess the candidates on the basis of decided eligibility requisites, like- age, linguistic skills, academic accomplishments, professional exposure and some other judged chief profile traits, so that canadian government can be able to welcome the suitable candidates into the country.
  • After judging and evaluating the profiles of aspirants, the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) ranks them on the basis of obtained marks by them.
  • In addition, marks can be obtained under the following categories- sponsorship gained from a willing state of Canada and gained full time job offer letter from authorised canadian employer.

If you are willing to apply for the same, then it would be better for you to approach an immigration agent who have the complete knowledge of all these terms and conditions mentioned above. With the assistance of an experienced immigration agent, you can easily get the suitable visa for canada immigration. There are numerous immigration agents available, you can consult the most reliable and popular one for this purpose. 

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