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Are you thinking of obtaining visa immigration Canada through express entry system but you have got a very low CRS score which is not enough to qualify? You do not have to worry then because under this article, we are going to cover all the options through which one can improve and enhance their CRS score. Butbefore going further let us first discuss what CRS is.

What is CRS?

The CRS is called Comprehensive Ranking System. The whole structure of CRS is point based that is, the authorities rank the person applying for immigration by assessing and giving score to the profile of that particular person.

The point is given as per the person’s:

  • Skills and abilities
  • Education qualification
  • Work experience
  • Language speaking ability
  • Some other factors.

More points will be awarded to those applicants who:

  • Has any Canadian degree or degrees.
  • Certificate of diploma and related courses.
  • Is having a job offer but that should be valid not void and illegal.
  • Is having a nomination sort of thing from a particular territory or province.
  • Other factors.

Formula of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

The structure of CRS for giving points is divided in four parts that includes:

  • Experience and skills related factors
  • Language abilities
  • Skills transferability
  • Additional factors

The first three factors are awarded points out of 600 and the last that is, additional one alone has weight-age of 600. And if a person is able to qualify the cut-off, he or she will receive Canada express entry visa immediately.

How people can improve their CRS points?

Now the question arise that will you still get the immigration visa even if you don’t qualify the cut-off set by the Canadian authorities? The answer is no. The only way through which you can immigrate is by improving your CRS score. Following are ways through which one can enhance their comprehensive rank and get the Canadian pr visa.

  • People can work on improving their language score by preparing and giving various related tests.
  • If a person has applied with their spouse and they have got a better CRS score then the best option is to interchange the role of PA and the dependent.
  • One can also increase the score by applying to several provincial or territorial nomination programs.
  • CRS score can also be improved by getting a job offer for a post which is LMIA approved.
  • One can learn multiple languages in order to have more points.
  • Gaining further education will also help in improving the marks.
  • Last but not the least; one can work for several other jobs in order to get more work experience.

The last two options may require longer duration for attaining more and improving the points but the rest of the above are simplest and quickest way to improve your comprehensive ranking system score.

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