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Find the opportunities and live your life you deserve with Canada Permanent Residency!

Known as one of the most culturally rich countries, Canada offers a high-quality lifestyle to live. Plus, the amazing economic conditions and the high employment rates attract people from all over the world. This is the reason why you can see the diversity in the culture there.

The Government of Canada also welcomes the skilled people who are in search for a better life. Hence, the immigration policies pretty soft. There are multiple programs for the skilled professionals and workers to get the Permanent Residency. Some of the programs are:

And many others.

One important thing to know here is that most of the programs are based on the point system. Hence, if you desire to get Permanent Residence in Canada, it is important to score well in the factors such as language skills, work experience, education, age and many others.

Let's have a detailed discussion on the Permanent Residence in Canada.

What does it mean to gain the PR or the Permanent Residency Card?

The PR card is provided to the permanent residence in order to help them. In the case a PR card holder goes out of Canada, then, the availability of the PR card is necessary when he or she re-enters. Traveling in and out of Canada becomes much easier with the help of this Card. You can take it as a proof of being a permanent residence in Canada.

Do I qualify for Canada PR Visa

How does the permanent residency benefits?

There are many different advantages of having Permanent Residency in Canada. However, some of the most important ones are:

  • You get the ability to live, study or even work in any location in Canada.
  • Multiple social benefits along with the Healthcare benefits become your right, just like Canadian citizens.
  • It also helps you when it comes to applying for the Canadian citizenship in the future.
  • As a permanent resident, you get the protection under the Canadian law. Also, you get benefited by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom as well.

The limitations of a permanent resident

Apart from the multiple benefits, there are a few limitations that don't become an issue. As a permanent resident:

  • You cannot vote or handle a political office.
  • You are not allowed to work in a position which requires high-security clearance.

How many categories are there under which you can apply?

There are multiple programs offered by the Canadian Government. These programs focus on providing PR residence to the skilled and talented people who can fill the gap in the Canadian job market. However, there are programs for other immigrants as well.

Here are all the categories under which you can apply for the PR visa:

How can you apply for the Permanent Residence in Canada?

First of all, you need to contact the immigration experts at Nile Migration. Our experts will analyse the profile details and provide you necessary suggestions before the process starts. Once you have cleared your mind regarding the needs and requirements, we help in completing the application. We help you select the suitable visa category, arrange the necessary documents, and filing process of the visa application.

With our expertise and experience, you can complete the immigration procedure faster and set out to make your life better and grab new opportunities in Canada.

Contact us to start the process

We suggest you carefully read the information provided here first. Then, you should call our management team or send an email with all your questions. Your questions regarding the rules, eligibility requirements, our processing fees and any other, we will answer it all. Our experts will clear all your doubts. Then, we can together work to fulfil the eligibility requirements and reducing the processing time.

So, are you ready to get a Permanent Residency in Canada?!

Through Nile Migration you can apply directly Canada PR click here

You may call the qualified immigration experts at Nile Migration on contact no. 011-49444555 (Delhi), +61 2 9037 8432 (Australia).

To confirm your eligibility for Canada PR visa, you may fill the free assessment form. You may also send your queries with regards to Canada immigration and PR visa to email id-

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To know about Canada permanent resident visa processing time, application costs and more kindly, visit our FAQ page.

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