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Everything To Know About The US EB5 Green Card Visa 

Are you willing to settle in the USA permanently? There are many particular conditions that you need to meet while deciding for settling in the USA. Many types of Visa are available for different kinds of people from different parts of the world. For those who have a qualifying net worth, there is a program, which is known as US EB5 Green Card Visa.  It is a kind of visa that is made for people with a qualifying net worth as well as their dependent families. It is an excellent and worthy American Permanent Residency option. By having this visa, you are allowed to immigrate to the country through the US Green Card along with dependent kids below 21 years and spouse as well.

The processing time

When you are going to apply for it, make sure you have the necessary and right information about the processing time and documents to be collected and submitted along with the file. The overall time to process the time for this visa is around 1 year. It is known as EB-5 visa because it is an employment based preference immigration option or category that needs the applicant to be get indulged with a new commercial enterprise in the country that gives advantage to the economy of the country, by producing or assisting at least 10 full time jobs indirectly or directly.

It should be noted that you may not be included in the daily operations of the invested commercial enterprise. It is important to have a policy level role for an applicant. You should check the date of the establishment of the company that they have in the business after November 29, 1990.

What are the requirements to be fulfilled?               

To get qualified for this visa, it is essential to meet some requirements. You must invest at least USD 10, 00,000 or USD 500, 000 at least in a new commercial enterprise, if capitalizing in a target employment area. It is the possibility that the new commercial enterprise may possess multiple owners, which include those not applying for the EB-5 Visa, if all the invested capital source of funds taken through lawful means or the source of the capital is renowned.

From the requirement, it means that it is the key to acceptance of this application, you should examine whether or not you meet the definitions associated with the source of funds and also lawful means by hiring a travel agent or the travel company.

Know more

After knowing the requirements and the eligibility criteria, you can easily apply for US EB5 Green Card Visa. But if you want to have deeper knowledge about it, then you can visit online and search for the requirements and applications there. Moreover, on the web, you can see many companies that help applicants to apply for different varieties of VISA to different countries. It is an unwise thing to do if you go ahead without proper search work that includes documents, condition fulfillment as well. So, go for it and plan accordingly. 

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