Australian Immigration Programs and Requirements

Australian Immigration

Australia is considered to be an ideal country for immigration in the entire world. Some of the visas Australia provides to foreigners include Permanent Residence Visa, Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa, Student Visa, Visitor Visa, And Working Holiday Visa. Australia is known to offer tons of experience and opportunities to its immigrants based on the visa applied for.

Each year, numerous immigrants are drawn to this nation for its high employment rates, cultural diversity, and high wages. As there is an increased demand for skilled labour and a comparatively lower supply, people from other countries are welcomed to stay and even work in this great country. Some are also eligible to get settled in Australia. The pathways to immigration along with the different visa categories are explained below.

There are many reasons that make Australia a focal point for immigration. Skilled workers are attracted because of the various job opportunities they get to explore. If you are interested in applying, find out how to do, right here!

Australian Immigration

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Benefits of Immigrating to Australia

Australia is quite advanced and economically strong as compared to many countries in the world, which brings out a number of benefits for people immigrating to this nation for the purpose of business, work, or even settling there.
Some of the important benefits are listed below:
  • As the employment rates are pretty high with a subsequent lower number of skilled workers, Australia allows foreign immigrants a vast arena to discover and look for ideal career prospects and satisfactory jobs.

  • Some of the visa categories like the Skilled Independent Visa allow individuals the opportunity to stay and work permanently in Australia.

  • Australia is also the ultimate country for individuals, who want to raise a family as the country provides many social security benefits along with subsidized healthcare benefits.

  • Even for setting or investing in a business, Australia holds a firm ground because of the strong economy and supreme democratic policies. The country also has membership with several influential financial organizations.

  • Australia is also known to provide an excellent education system along with some great universities to students all over the world.

  • Australia is a fascinating place for people who are looking for an exotic lifestyle, better quality of life, recreational activities and sports, better standard of living, and some outstanding cities.

  • The immigration system being point based, with faster visa processing, and ideal legal structure makes Australia the perfect country for relocation and permanent residency.

Eligibility Criteria For Immigration

  • The person applying must be under the age of 50 years (for the sponsored/skilled work visas).
  • He/she must get the Skill Assessment completed from an assessing authority recognized in the country.
  • He/she must select and apply to an occupation that is present in the SOL/CSOL list.
  • The applicant must score at least 60 points in the point system, which will be marked on the basis of the key profile factors that include, English proficiency, age, work experience, education, etc.
  • The applicant must receive his/her IELTS certification (English Language Proficiency Test) with a desired score.
  • The nomination/sponsoring must be received by the applicant from a territory government or an Australian state (for applicants under sponsored/nominated visa).
  • An online EOI (Expression of Interest) must be submitted by the applicant.
  • A good character and good health is necessary for immigration (proof must be provided in the form of documents and certificates).

Processing Time and Immigration Process Explained

Obviously, with any application, you will be seeing a stipulated amount of processing time. Here is some more information about the same. The processing time depends vastly with the following factors –

  • Documentation – How quickly and promptly you provide documents and info when asked for decides whether you get your visa in a quick manner or not as documents are super important for any application, and without them, the app will just stall and hang around which will increase the processing times too many days. So, make sure that all the docs you are asked for are given on a quick basis, and hence, you are not going to face huge delays.

  • Visa Application – One simple thing that you can control is the visa application. The application, if it is in a good standing and is made without creating any errors while filling, then you can expect a short processing time. If you have errors in the application, then you can expect long delays as the consulate will need to contact you about these errors, and then, you will need to correct or rectify them and later the consulate needs to approve it. So, it is always better to make sure that your visa application is spot on and there are not many errors.

  • Type of Immigration Program – If you are entering with an Express Visa program, then your processing time might be super short when you compare to other visa programs such as QSWP, PNP, etc.

Point Based System of Australian Immigration

Australia follows a much-organised system of immigration. After the submission of the EOI (Expression of Interest), the profile of the applicant is allotted a point score. These point scores are received depending on important key factors like age, education, work experience, English Language Proficiency, etc. The minimum score required to qualify for any type of visa is 60 points.

Australian Immigration Rules and Policies for the New Immigrants

Australia’s cultural diversity and secularity are widespread in all the parts of the country. The rules are the same for all immigrants without any form of discrimination against any community. The policies aim to aid the development of the society and community of Australia by keeping the needs and interests of the Australian Labour market, economy, and industries in mind. As the needs of the country change depending on the changing economy and country’s growth needs, the rules and policies are also revised on a timely basis.

Immigrants from India

Many Indians have immigrated to Australia and made remarkable contributions to the Australian economy. A variety of factors like the community, climate, working conditions, and job profiles have played a positive role in attracting a large number of Indian immigrants in the past few decades. Nile Migration provides consultancy services to Indian applicants and helps them with the immigration process. It is one of the best immigration companies in India. Only the experienced and qualified immigration specialists are hired to assist applicants with the Australian Immigration process and visa application.

Role of Nile Migration in Helping with the Australian Visa Application

Applying for an Australian visa is a lengthy process, and Nile Migration aims to provide proper guidance and assistance regarding the submission of the EOI (Expression of Interest) and the various steps that need to be taken for the processing of visa. For any help regarding the whole procedure, you can contact [email protected] or + 61 29037 8432 or 01149-444-555. You can also submit your details in the form given below to request a call back. Nile Migration provides the top consultancy services for visa application in other countries like Canada, USA, and New Zealand as well.

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