5 High Demand Occupations in Australia, which Need Skilled Professionals

There are many occupations in Australia which are in high demand nowadays and can get you an Australia PR. These professions require a lot of experience from the candidate who is applying for the same.

The Australian labor market currently has a large number of openings for those working in the Hospitality sector.

Kitchen staff: So, positions which are largely going unfilled are those meant for Waiters and Shift Managers. The designation of shift managers also includes those who are employed in factories. The fast food restaurants are also looking forward to employing more labor. If you are an expert in cooking the delicacy of pizza, then this country also has a suitable number of openings for you.

In hospitality, there are so many openings in this country because this country is a major hub of tourism all over the world. Even due to the increasing demand in the hospitality sector, there has also been a demand for beauty professionals who are employed in spas in hotels.

General physicians: The other kind of sector which has been experiencing a boom in this country is that of doctors. There is a lack of general physicians in this country. It’s a staggering fact but it’s true that the demand and supply ratio is quite adverse for this sector. The demand is 8 times high as compared to the supply of general physicians. The salary packages for the GPs are also quite good with their average salary being $255,000. The salary for the other kind of medical professions such as radiologists is also quite high at 1,83,000 AUD per annum. The psychiatrists are also in demand in this country.

IT professionals: There is always a surge in demand for IT professionals in some country or another. Recently when the government made some modifications in the list of professions in demand in this country, the profiles of IT professions like ICT Business and Systems Analyst were included. In fact, this profile has generated 546 (Letters of intent) so far and the applicants should apply soon because the ceiling of 1,574 PRs to be issued for the year 2017-2018 is about to expire.

The other category of profile in demand is that of Software and Applications Programmers. In the case of this profile, the government has set a huge target of 6202, cases of Australia PR to be issued to foreigners.

The profile of Computer Network Professionals is also in high demand in Australia. The government has set a target of 1,318 professionals to be given Australia PR for this profile.

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Accounting and Finance have always been a popular job profile in Australia. When the changes were introduced in the skilled occupation list, the category of accountants was also included. The code of 221111 is applicable to those seeking immigration under Accountant (general)in Australia. 4785 is the target set for Australia PRs to be issued in the year 2017-2018.

Already 1434 candidates have been shortlisted for immigration under this category.