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5 Smart Tips to Prepare Your Application for Australia PR in 2018

As we all know, Australia has made the rules for obtaining the PR to the country tough. The country of Australia has amazing professional opportunities for the immigrants to flourish. But, to speed up immigration, some minor changes in Australia PR rules have been introduced.

So, you will need to decide which consultancy to go to before applying for Australia PR. The simple reason due to which the government has introduced these changes is because it wanted to reduce the number of immigrants coming to Australia.

The changes in these rules are as follows:

  • Removal of the 457 visa: This visa, quite popular among Australia job seekers provided an easy entry into Australia for those who were able to secure a job in this country. However, the current Prime Minister of this country, Malcolm Turnbull abolished this visa in the month of April in 2017. Under this visa, it was easy to get an Australian Residency for a period of 4 years on behalf of employer sponsorship. Instead, a new visa, the Temporary Skilled Shortage visa was introduced in its place. This visa 482, allows workers to immigrate to Australia for a duration of 1 to 4 years provided they have chosen a profession which is a part of the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List(employer sponsorship only for two years)

or the Regional Occupation List or the Medium And Long-Term Strategic Skills List(both these lists contain profiles eligible for employer sponsorship for 4 years).So, the government has restricted the number of occupations which are available for employer sponsorship under the changes plus made it tougher to get an employer sponsorship visa for 4 years.

  • Introduction of a more complex list of occupations: As we all know, Australia PR process was simpler because there was an individual list(Skilled Occupations List) that was applicable for the seekers of this visa under visa category 189. If your job profile was on this list, there was nothing that could stop you from getting a189 visa. Now a Combined list of eligible skilled occupations has been launched which is valid for both 189 and 190 visas, although you have to specifically search for your profession.

So, when you decide to seek the services of a company like visas Avenue, you are at the receiving end of many benefits. First, their counsellors know all these changes and know how to make your visa application wade through them.

Also, since almost 200 professions have been taken off by the government from this combined list, now lesser professions are applicable for prospective immigration seekers to choose from.

Now, what can an immigration consultancy do to make sure that your immigration happens correct the first time, the application is filed.

An immigration consultant guides you in case of these changes which have happened. You must understand that now, any experienced consultant will, now, consult the combined list of eligible skilled occupations to know whether your Australia PR visa to be filed under visa class 189 or 190. A consultant can also let you know whether you are eligible for any other visa categories like visa 482 as per this list. So, the job of a consultant you a know has become tough because there are certain professions like that of an Aeroplane Pilot which are not eligible for either visa 189 or visa 190 as per the newly introduced combined list.

Instead, this profile is eligible for visa class 482, not for Australia PR anymore.