Adoption Visa Subclass 102

Adoption visa subclass 102: a boon for the Foster parents

Adoption overseas 

When a person is supposed to do the parenting of a child, and in the process he or she takes all the rights and responsibilities of that child from his or her legal or biological parents is known as adoption. Similarly when a child is adopted from some other country it is known as an Inter country or international adoption.

Adoption in Australia 

Whereas, when a citizen of Australia residing overseas adopts a child who lives in some other country is called as an expatriate adoption. Australia is a country which provides various visas for various purposes of immigration like education, work, travel, as well as business similarly there is also a visa which allows a child who does not belongs to Australia to visit and live in the country along with his or her adoptive parents. This visa is called Adoption visa subclass 102.

Generally, the applicant for this visa is the adoptive parent of the child. He or She could apply on his or her behalf

Requirements of the visa- 

  • The child must be below the age of 18.
  • Not residing within the geographical boundaries of Australia.
  • The process of adoption should be going on or done by the person who is sponsoring the child.
  • There should be a sound health and moral condition of the child.

The child would not be eligible for the visa if he or she turned 18 after the application is taken to be decided, as the age of the child at the time of application would not be taken into consideration. On the other hand there are some conditions for the adoptive parents as well like a parent must be the citizen of Australia and the holder of a permanent resident visa or being an eligible citizen of New Zealand may also be helpful. An authority of adoption in Australia should also be involved in the matter.

What does the visa provides? 

There are a lot of privileges which could be enjoyed by a child who holds this visa. Those may include-

  • The child could enjoy the right to reside in Australia for an unspecified period of time.
  • Travel to and from the country is also allowed to the holder of this visa for the time period of five years since the visa is granted.
  • Allowed to enroll in the medical scheme of Australia known as Medicare.
  • He or she could be enabled to work and study in Australia.
  • After being eligible the child could also apply for the Australian citizenship.

Not only this but the child who is holding an adoption visa subclass 102 would also be able to become the sponsor of his or her eligible relatives to get the permanent resident in Australia. On the other hand the sponsor is obliged to help and support the adopted child to settle in Australia by looking after his or her career and education needs.