Applying for Permanent visa under General skilled Migration Program to Australia

Australia is one of those countries where more and people from various other country want to go and settle. The reason behind this is, Australia is an ideal country to study, live, trade and work. Australia has rich culture and a sophisticated society which allures immigrants from around the world to work and stay in Australia. Australia government regulates excellent policies for the people who live there. Also, it has good education system, health care facilities, and many more excellent lifestyle services are provided in the country.

To immigrate in Australia there are several rules and streams under which one can apply for visa. But before one applies for visa his eligibility check is to done which ensures that the applicant has the requirements which will help him stay in Australia.

There is a general skilled migration program to Australia under which if an applicant has some skill about which he is experienced. Then he is eligible o apply for visa under this program.

About general skilled migration program to Australia

The general skilled migration program to Australia was designed by the government to deal with the shortage of skilled workers in Australia. So, in order to get more and more skilled workers around the globe they released this program which could fulfill the requirements of Australian labor force. This will finally enhance the productivity of the country and will contribute in economy of Australia. Skilled migration scheme of visa gives preference to the skilled applicants to migrate to the regional area or if someone is sponsored by any employer in Australia or nominated by any territory or state.

If you are skilled at your job or work field and want to go in Australia to work and stay then this one is optimum program to apply for your visa.

How can you apply for visa under general skilled immigration program?

  • For applying through this scheme one needs to create an EOI i.e. Expression of Interest using skills select system which allows applicants to generate their EOI.
  • After ranking is obtained by your EOI and accepted, then Australian employers can sponsor you according to the skill you possess or will be nominated by any Australian territory. This nomination and sponsorship will let you get your visa easily.

Under general skilled migration program there are some categories available:

  • Skill Independent Visa (under subclass 189)

This category is most popular category of visa application in Australia. This is for the applicants who are not sponsored or nominated by any employer or territory of Australia. Yet they can apply for permanent residential visa under this category.

  • Skilled nominated Visa (under subclass 190)
  • Skilled sponsored ( which is a provisional visa)
  • Skilled nominated
  • Skilled regional visa
  • Employer nomination scheme
  • Regional skilled migration scheme
  • Labor agreements

So, review all the program schemes listed above for general skilled migration program to Australia and then opt out the best suitable application for your visa approval.