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Australia immigration from Kuwait

Australia- perfect destination for immigration

Planning to migrate to Australia from Kuwait, inevitably include variety of reasons of people who are living and working in Kuwait (Arab country). Yet, when it comes to migrate or move to Australia from Kuwait, each single reason is justified.

Australia is a most wonderful and perfect destination to immigrate to. Its magnificent infrastructure, democratic values, high paying jobs, multicultural society and human development index attracts numerous skilled people. Each year a large number of skilled individuals try for Australia immigration from Kuwait to enjoy above mentioned benefits. However, the major key concern of the individuals to move to Australia is to follow the immigration system.

Immigration system of Australia

Australia is the only country that holds the best immigration programs in the universe. The DIBP (department of immigration and broad protection) has made various categories of point tested skilled visas to invite skilled people in the Australian country. The visa categories are basically designed for those individuals who wants to fulfill the shortage of skill across its territories and states.

According to the Australia’s point system, applicants receive points on the basis of their profile details such as- Education, work, age, language ability, experience etc. If you want to apply for any of the Australia’s skilled visa (i.e. skill nominated subclass 190 visa, skilled independent subclass 189 visa, skilled regional subclass 489 visa etc), require to obtain at least 60 points to apply by online skill system of Australia for any visa.

The skillselect is the online system of Australia that accept and process the EOI (expression of interest) from applicators who apply for any of the Australian skilled visa.

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Stepwise process to apply for Australia skilled PR visas from Kuwait

Here is the step by step process to apply for skilled visas in Australia-

  • Firstly, to apply for skilled visa, you must have all the required documents such as- IELTS test with at least 6 points in all four abilities and skill assessment report from a recognised authority.
  • You need to choose an occupation from the lists of skilled occupations i.e. (CSOl/SOL) Australia.
  • Select any suitable visa from the following visas i.e. subclass 190 visa (state nominated permanent visa) and subclass 189 visa (skilled independent permanent visa and more.
  • If you want to apply for subclass 190 visa, acquiring the nomination from any territory and state government agency in Australia is mandatory.
  • After that, you have to obtain minimum 60 points and to submit expression  of interest on the online SkillSelect system to become eligible for skilled immigration applicant.
  • If your expression of interest is selected, the DIBP of Australia will invite you to apply for permanent residence visa.

It will be beneficial to consult with an experienced immigration agent about PR visas in Australia, if you want to move to Australia from Kuwait. An immigration consultants will provide you a proper guidance to apply for immigration visas in Australia. Search for the best immigration consultants and get proper assistance towards immigration visas.

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