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Australia Investor Visa Subclass- 891

Know about investor visa subclass 891

Australia has recently become one of the top most well established countries around the world where investors and business persons are seeking to establish their own businesses and firms.  A large fraction of the world’s population migrating towards those countries who touches the lofty height in business scenario, Australia is one of them. Many business tycoons starting from richest to most extravagant country’s citizens are looking to establish their work or company in Australia and wish to migrate for lifetime. But for this purpose, they need to have a permit visa which allows them for the permanent stay in Australia legally and this type of visa is known as investor visa subclass 891.

What visa is all about? 

The investor visa subclass 891 permits you to stay in Australia if you have held a recognisable investment in Australia for four years.

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Even if you wish to move in with your spouse or partner in business, they are also required to match those criteria which are laid down by the government of Australia for this type of visa.

The visa also lets you manage your business and investments in Australia and your family members can also apply for this visa if you are already granted it.

Check your eligibility: 

While applying, you must fulfil some eligibility criteria set by the Government of Australia to                 access this visa. These requirements are as follow:

  • Predominant possessor of an investor visa.
  • You must have stayed in Australia for at least two years in the previous four years just before you apply, while a possessor of an investor visa.
  • Health requirement checks are necessary for you and your family member.
  • Must be an inhabitant of Australia as a possessor of an investor visa for the complete two years out of four years before your application.
  • You must have a pragmatic commitment to the continuation of your business and investment in Australia.
  • You and your partner must not be involved in any fraudulent activity in your past.
  • If you are dealing with any debts towards government of Australia you need to repay to the authorities before your visa can be granted.

Benefits provided by this visa: 

Since this is a permanent residence visa, which grants you all these benefits afterwards:

  • It allows you to stay in Australia
  • It allows you to work and study in Australia
  • You can also apply for the citizenship of Australia.
  • Also allows you to travel anywhere till the duration of your visa’s validity.
  • This is a permanent residence visa, which allows you to travel in and out of Australia for maximum five years.

Australia is the best destination to enjoy and work together enthusiastically, that would be a significant reason why foreigners are moving to Australia for settlement of their business empire. This is how, investor visa subclass 891 will allow you to stay and work in one of the foremost countries in business world.

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