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Australia Partner Visa Subclass- 820/801

Acknowledge yourself with Australia partner visa subclass (820/801) 

Australia is the top most country to migrate to in current times. It provides huge number of impressive opportunities to the new immigrants. Especially, Australia offer opportunities to the individuals who enters on skilled migration visa, business visa, study visa and many more. Australian continent is attracting immigrants with highly organized point based system, cultural diversity, high employment rates, high wages, world class cities etc. So that huge number of people settle down in the country. The current skill shortage across several industries of the country has given opportunities to numerous skilled and talented young people to migrate, stay, work or settle in Australia permanently.

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If you want to apply for Australia partner visa, primarily, you need to fulfill all the requirements of this visa.

Australia partner visa (subclass 820/801) 

It is a temporary visa that grants people to live in Australia, if your spouse or de- facto partner is-

Australia partner visa can also be endowed in case- your relationship with partner is over. Australia partner visa (subclass 820) is an initial step for acquiring the permanent partner visa  (subclass 801). You ought to be in the Australian country while you apply for this visa and when this visa is provided or granted.

Requirements for this visa- 

If you fulfill the below requirements properly, Australia partner visa (subclass 820/801) will be granted.

  • You are in the Australian country.
  • You must have the partner in Australia or you are a partner of the citizen of Australia.
  • You should be eligible New Zealand citizen.

Partner visa can be offered to you if you are married and- 

  • Your relationship ends or there is a child of relationship.
  • In case your partner expires and you can show to the Australian government or authorities that that your relationship continued, if you have close business or your partner had liver or you have personal and cultural ties in the country.
  • Your relationship with partner expires and you or your family members have suffered violence.

Australia partner visa will be granted to you, whether you are in a real or de-facto relationship for less than 1 year and- 

  • You can reveal compelling and sensitive circumstances i.e. having dependent child.
  • Your spouse has been allowed a permanent humanitarian visa while your real relationship existed and you must have told to the Australian authorities before the visa was allowed to you.
  • Your real relationship should be registered in Australia and it must not be available in all territories and states as well.

Benefits of Australia partner visa 820- 

Following are the privileges of Australia partner visa 820-

  • Permits you to live in Australia prior the time decision is made on your permanent partner visa.
  • You will be allowed to study in the country, but without access to the funding of Australian government.

You can enroll in health insurance or Medicare, country’s scheme for health related expenses and care.

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