Australia Pr Processing Time Details

Australia Pr Processing Time Details

Australia is one beautiful country where everyone has a dream to settle down. Many conquer the obstacles involved in getting the Australia PR and enjoy the amazing workplace and environment of Australia. There are different rules and regulations and criteria that people must follow to get the PR of Australia. There is just one way to get the Australian PR and that is General Skilled Migration program with the 5 subclasses. The processing time also varies and depends upon the visa subclass. It can take 7-1 years to get the visa according to the subclass chosen by you. There are visa experts who can help you with the limited Australia PR processing Time. You can find them online and choose the best.

Skilled independent 189 visas: This category requires the candidate to score a cumulative total of 60 points. Candidates are required to have a successful skill assessment from a relevant assessment authority. Afterwards applicant is required to submit an Expression of Interest on the skillselect portal of  Department of Home Affairs, visa application can be lodged after receiving an Invitation to Apply.

Skilled nomination 190 visa: It requires nomination or sponsorship from an Australian state or territory. Candidate is awarded additional 5 points if applying for this subclass. Process for this subclass remains the same as subclass 189, however candidate must be nominated by an Australian state or territory in order to proceed with subclass 190 application.

Skilled regional provisional visa 489:

It provides temporary residence to someone in a specific region of Australia for 4 years provided certain sponsorship. Sponsorship in case of subclass 489 can be in either one of the two categories.  Applicants are awarded additional 10 points if opting for this visa subclass.

  1. Sponsorship from a regional area in Australia
  2. Sponsorship from a relative residing in regional Australia

Note: a successful skill assessment from relevant assessment authority and a valid EOI is required.

Employer nomination scheme 186: This visa allows you to reside in Australia permanently provided you are being sponsored by an Australian employer.

Skilled regional subclass 887: Anyone who has lived and worked in Australia for two or more years under any skilled visa (e.g. – Subclass 489) category can apply for subclass 887.

The processing time 

The global processing time for any skilled visas for Australia

  • 75% of applications are processed in less than 9 months
  • 95% of applications are processed in a period of 11 months

However due to low volume of applications being received by Department of Home Affairs for subclass 489, there isn’t any specific processing time for this subclass.

Wait for the visa decision 

Different visas are having different processing times which you can check on the site of Nile Migration or official Australian visa websites. To become an Australian citizen you will have to clear through different steps. If you have lived 4 years lawfully in Australia then you can get a permanent visa to Australia easily after filling few requirements.

If you are applying for the partner or skilled category, then you can expect your visa to be cleared in a year.

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