Australia PR Visa: Do DIBP Enquire About My Previous Employment Details With Current Employer?

When it comes to attaining permanent residency of any country, Australia is everyone’s first choice. It is one of those countries which is considered best for permanent residence purpose because it provides various opportunities as well as facilities to the immigrants that helps them in building their career and future as well.

Those people are regarded as permanent resident who are having the PR visa and are allowed to work and live independently in Australia. These migrants cannot be called a citizen of Australia but they can become one after complying with the requirements of permanent residency Australia. There are two methods of getting a PR visa and those methods are:

  • Merit based method
  • Non merit based method

Under the first category, those candidates are allowed to apply that are having enough qualification, experience and they are proficient in English language. This method is further divided into:

  • Business migration
  • Skilled migration

On the other hand, under the second category of nonmerit-based, people can obtain the visa for permanent residency in Australia through:

  • Scheme of employer nomination
  • Family migration
  • Humanitarian streams
  • Distinguished talent
  • RSMS that is, Regional Skilled Migration Scheme

Few requirements that are required to fulfilled:

No country will allow the citizen of other country to become the resident of that country unless and until they fulfill certain requisites. Similarly, if an Indian is interested in getting the visa of Australia’s permanent resident, they are requested to pass the following minimum eligibility criteria:

  • It is compulsory to score at least 60 points out of 100 in the assessment conducted by Australian authorities.
  • Candidates must prepare the necessary documents as specified by the officials of Australia.
  • In addition to that, reports of test and skill assessment must be submitted.
  • The prospective candidates must have acquired the age of 18 years or more.

Perks of getting permanent residency of Australia:

It is always beneficial to obtain the status of permanent resident of some other country while being the citizen of another. Apart from that, one can get following benefits from permanent resident Australia services:

  • People will have the right of sponsoring their family members for temporary as well as permanent visa of Australia.
  • They will possess the right that will enable them to live or work in any city or state without the restriction of time period.
  • One can also get to apply for the citizenship of Australia once the required criteria are fulfilled.

DIBP is an acronym of Department of immigration and border protection which is accountable for border control, citizenship and immigration. So if DIBP desires to validate your preceding employment or work details, they can verify directly with the employer with whom you were previously working and the employer you are working currently with cannot do anything as this is all done under the guidance of DIBP.