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Australia Refugee/Protection Visa

This visa is for those applicants who are refugees as cleared by the RC (Refugees Convention) or meet up the Complementary Protection standards within Australian Migration Act, 1958. An individual can also become eligible for a Protection visa if he/she is the family member of an individual found to keep Australia’s necessary protection obligations. Australia Refugee/Protection Visa is a permanent visa.

Necessary requisites of Australia Refugee/Protection Visa 

An applicant would be able to receive Australian Refugee Protection visa (subclass 866) if all of the below requisites are fulfilled

•    Applicant should arrive in Australia legally

•    Applicant should hold Australia’s protection requirements

•    Applicant must meet the necessary moral, health, as well as security requirements.

•   The applicant and any entitled family member incorporated in the application should be present in Australia when they apply for this visa.

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•    Applicant should meet one of the given criteria:

❖      Applicant should meet the corresponding protection standards in the Migration Act 1958.

❖      Applicant must be a refugee as described by the Migration Act 1958

•    Applicant must not be disqualified from applying for Protection visa application.

•    The Australian minister must contend that the allowance of the visa is in the country interest.

•    Applicants must look for permission from their parents, guardian or further grown person such as a friend, relative or migration manager to get your snaps clicked as well as fingerprints taken.

What are Australia’s protection obligations? 

As per the Migration Act 1958, refugees (person in exile) are people who are currently not living in their home country and can’t return since they have a justifiable terror of harassment due to their:

•    Religion

•    Race

•    Nationality

•    Political opinion or

•    Association with a meticulous social group.

Benefits of Australian Refugee Protection Visa 

➢      Australian Refugee Protection Visa allows you to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident

➢      Have right of entry to Centre link and Medicare services.

➢      If you desire to sponsor entitled relatives for PR, you can execute so underneath the family stream.

In certain situations, you might be capable of sponsoring your entitled family person for this visa. You can comprise the below-given people in your visa application:

•    Your lawful partner whether married or de facto

•    Your partner’s reliant children

•    Other entitled, dependent relatives.

Only family persons who are residing in Australia and whose migration standing permits them to lodge the application can be incorporated into the application.


Applicants will require giving the base visa application charge for their application to be practised. If they do not shell out the complete visa application cost or don’t have adequate funds required, their visa application will be considered invalid. The primary application charge for the visa is $1450.

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