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Australia Skill select- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Australia is the top destination and renowned country for immigration. It welcomes individuals who wants to work and stay in the country. For the easiness, Australian government has designed Skill Select system through which interested candidates can easily apply for the particular visa or permanent residence in Australia. Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) are made to guide aspirants.

Qs1- How presenting my profile and expressing and interest by skill select program is helpful for me, from the sponsorship potential?

These activities can vary from selection to non selection. Beneath the new format provided by skill select program, while you use or operate, your entire information will be available and understandable to the recruits who explore the available talents and find the suitable applicants. If Australian employer finds your profile extremely interesting then he may select you for the existing opportunities in Australia. This process can improve the chances of acquiring sponsorship.

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Qs2- How long does the invitations accessible and what happen after it expires? 

The validity period of invitation is around 60 days. The request should be lodged to the (DIBP) Department of Immigration and Border Protection inside the said time duration. In case your profile is not progressed inside 2 years of the expression of interest submission, the application for EOI would expire and also be removed from the Australia’s data bank.

Qs3- Can I submit an application with 60 points, if i get no points in IELTS test? 

Yes! You are allowed to lodge an application or petition under this condition.

Qs4- Do I need to present an expression of interest (EOI) and state/ territory sponsored? 

All the aspirants should lodge an EOI and apply for territory sponsorship as well and after the approval is given, the EOI will automatically update. The (DIBP) Department of Immigration and Border Protection will then proceed to give an invite.

Qs5- Is an employment offer mandatory for the subclass 489? 

Candidates are advised to check the requirements of particular state since Australian territories or states can demand a validated employment offer letter for state sponsorship under the subcategory 489. Yes! A properly and correctly validate offer letter is mandatory to get the state sponsorship.

Qs6- Can I change the subcategory of my visa after the EOI submission? 

Yes! You can change your visa subcategory. Candidates are allowed to update their EOI with any information or details through two years of time duration. You can easily change your profile details in Skill select system anytime. You have the right to update your details on EOI with increasing job experience.

Qs7- what is the selection process from the EOI? Is it completely based on points system? 

Usually, it is based in ranking system inside the EOI pool which would change anytime. And the fact is the EOI (expression of interests) lodgement could be analysed by the recruiters/ federal bureaus. The expression of interest is not only based on points system.

In case a firm/ recruiter or state is impressed with your profile that hold or engage no-too-high position in the EOI pool, will also be preferred. 

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