Australia Special Program Visa Subclass – 416

Special Program Visa Subclass 416 for Seasonal Worker Program

If you are looking forward to work in any foreign country to live there and work on seasonal basis you can register yourself Special program visa subclass 416 for seasonal worker program. It can prove to be a good medium of exchanging heritage, social and cultural experiences, and knowledge and bind the various nations to each other. You can explore the Australia; get to know about its history and cultures more closely. It will not only add to your work experience but also enhance your personality. You get to learn how to adjust in new environment and mix in with people who are different from you.

Features of Visa Subclass 416 

This special program is for all those seasonal workers who wish to add income to their country’s national income and gives opportunity to the employees to work in Australian industries. An intergovernmental memorandum of understanding (MOUs) was signed by the countries participating in the seasonal work program along with Australian government. The countries which signed this memorandum are now part of this special work program and Fiji, Nauru, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Timor- lets, and Samoan, Tonga, Vanuatu and Tuvalu are participating countries.

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Visa holders 

Seasonal workers who hold this visa have authority to work in Australia and they can practice the rights under Australian workplace law. The pay scale, shift calculations, redundancy entitlements and leave arrangements are guided by fair work ombudsman’s pay and conditions tools (PACT) so there are rarely any chances of misleading. The workers are assigned some authorities and rights to assure them security of payment as well as life to check your visa entitlements and details you can visit the visa entitlement verification online (VEVO).

The visa is granted to you for a specified time (depending upon your job) and lasts till length of employment including the additional travelling time from your country to the place where you are employed.

The privileges you get under visa subclass 416 are:

  • You can work in Australia for the period mentioned in your visa though under seasonal program visa the span of stay last for 14 weeks to six months.
  • It also allows you to stay in Australia for up to seven months (in a year) depending upon your work placement.
  • You can travel in Australia or travel from Australia as long your visa is valid.
  • You can work to get sponsorship (valid for horticulture workers)
  • You can explore various Australian cities


You will have to obey all the rules and regulations of Australian government if your visa application is approved. If you hold this seasonal program visa, then you must:

  • Only work in the industries specified in the visa program
  • Maintain your health insurance while your stay in Australia
  • You cannot bring your family members to Australia for any purpose
  • You will not work for anyone else other than your sponsor.

You can get to know more about Special program visa subclass 416 for seasonal worker program from your visa agent and carry on with the further proceedings.