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Australia Temporary Work Subclass- 400

Want to work in Australia? Get the Temporary work subclass 400  

There are various countries which welcomes the immigrants with both the hands. More specifically the countries like India, Canada, USA etc enables a non-residents of the country to visit and work in them. There are a lot of opportunities which are available overseas and even a particular type of visa is availed for the working purpose. Talking about one of the most popular countries among the immigrants from all over the world that is Australia also provides a person to work for a short span of time and the temporary work subclass 400 visa enables a person to make it happen.

Functions of short term working visa 

Among the visa granted for work the temporary work subclass 400 visa of Australia is quite good as it provides the immigrant with the facility to visit Australia on the basis of doing a non-ongoing, short-term based or a highly specialized work. It even enables the non-residents of Australia to do work as well as to participate in any activity which is related with the interest of the country but in a very limited condition.

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The time period to stay with temporary work subclass 400 is for the three months and the extension could be given in very limited situations where the staying time could be increased for up to six months if the case is supported by a strong business.

Grounds on which the working visa is granted 

  • Doing a job which is not ongoing or working for a short time period.
  • Be in the country for participating in any Australian activity or working.
  • Availability of enough money in order to provide support to oneself as well as to the family.
  • Must be skilled and have the required knowledge about the work.
  • No formal educational study in Australia should be done.
  • There should be a support of the business or non-business organization you desire to work in.
  • Health insurance should be carried by the immigrant as Australia’s national health scheme will not cover for you in case of any medical assistance.
  • Any outstanding debts of the immigrant should not be due on the Australian Government.
  • Have a sound moral and health conditions.

Facilities of the visa 

This visa enables an immigrant to stay in Australia till the valid date i.e. up to three months from the granted date. The family members of the immigrants are also allowed to join them however, they won’t be able to work in Australia. The main purpose for visa could be combined with the holidays if it is for a very short span of time. Some restrictions of this visa are training on the basis of the workplace, no persuasion of any educational course, a limitation on the work and no allowance of any stay for further time period. The basic charge of application is 165$ and the additional charge for an extra applicant is 45$ for below 18 and 85$ for above 18.

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