Australia Temporary Work Visa

Australia Temporary Work Visa

Looking forward to go to Australia for a work on temporary basis? Over the years, the country has been a ideal place for both workers and students as it has perfect infrastructure, work opportunities, safe environment, democratic policies and organized immigration system. The skilled workers want to move there because they will find good prospective which will be a boost in their professional life. There are numerous top graded universities and management schools in Australia that offer degrees and train students to become expert professionals. For this reason, students too have a tendency to migrate to Australia as they are looking to establish career in Australia.

Things Required For Temporary Work Visa

In order to get the temporary visa, the followings are mandatory requirements:

  • A certain score in IELTS along with a certificate.
  • All the credentials that are assessed by relevant authority.
  • Certificate denoting that you are mentally and physically fit to shift there.

In order to apply for the visa, you will need to choose the occupation to apply from the list and then submit and Expression of Interest (EOI).

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What Is The Visa And How To Apply For The Same?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) issues different types of temporary Visa for the workers which are for a limited period of time. The two main temporary work visas in Australia are the Temporary Work Skilled Visa (subclass 457) and the Skilled Regional-Provisional (subclass 489). Both these visas are valid for a period of four years. In this regard, it should be mentioned that if you opt for the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) needs the sponsorship of a recognized Australian employer.

In order to apply for the visa, an account on the ImmiAccount needs to be created and application is to be submitted by the applicant by mentioning the TRS or the Transaction Reference Number. Besides, you need to mention the other key details as required. It should be remembered that the application lodged by the employer also needs to be provided. Along with these, the following conditions need to be satisfied:

  • Have a good mastery over English- both written and spoken.
  • Make sure that the candidate is nominated for the work that is permitted and mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  • Fulfil all the requisites related to licensing and registration.
  • Get nominated by a reputed employer.
  • Need to have all the skills for the job that is applied for.

The base application fee required for the visa is AUD 1060.00.

The Skilled-Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489)

In this visa, the workers are allowed to settle for a period of four years with their families in certain regional areas. The invited pathway stream is to be chosen for applying for this visa. The basic requirements are:

  • Sponsored by an acquaintance staying in Australia.
  • Nominated by an agency of state government.
  • Below 50 years.

The application fee is AUD 3060.00 for the primary applicant.

For more details related to assistance for Canada or Australia PR Visa, you can take help of an immigration expert.