Australia Tour Visa Subclass – 601

Australia Subclass 601 Visa for your Tour

The ETA visa subclass 601 

The subclass 601 is also known as the Electronic Travel Authority visa. They are used synonymously for each other and serve the same purpose. It is an approval that is electronic in nature that allows a person to travel to Australia for tourism as well as for business purposes. The duration of the stay can be up to 3 months. If you have the Australia subclass 601 then you are eligible to carry out the business activities in the country. If you are availing this visa then you can have a passport that has less than 6 months validity. An official or a diplomatic passport will work too.

What it covers?

The visa, along with providing you the permission to enter the nation, grants you some other facilities as well. Some of them are-

  • You can make deals related to business and attend meetings as well.
  • Make enquiries related to the work and employment there.
  • Invest or enter into a totally new contract.
  • Negotiate and review an already existing deal.
  • Take part in a business conference and related activity.
  • Go to a seminar or trade fair too but only upon the condition that the participation is unpaid.

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Eligibility and application process 

The criteria for eligibility can be checked on the ‘who can apply’ list on the official website. If your passport matches the conditions stated in it, then you can apply for an ETA. After that, you can proceed to the application form. Here are some tips on how to apply for Australia subclass 601and any of them can be selected

  • Applying through agents– There are numerous agencies available that you can easily find on the internet that provide the facility of applying on your behalf.
  • Applying directly– Another method is to apply yourself by going on the official page or website of the Australian visa services.

Both these options are widely used by the people seeking a visa for this beautiful country. The first one is preferred by those who are not able to do it themselves or are unaware of the process. The agents charge a fee in return. Some people may find trusting the websites difficult so they do it on their own to ensure that everything is filled properly.

Different from other types 

There are various differences between the ETA and other types that are used by the people to visit this nation. The privileges associated with each of these are separate and that is why visas have been divided in to so many categories by the government. Each one is used for a unique purpose like you cannot use a tourist visa if you want to stay permanently in the country. You will necessarily need a permanent resident visa for that. It is thus important to understand the purpose of your visit and then choose the category of visa accordingly. The making charges for each are distinct too and that is why one needs to make a choice carefully.