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There are many reasons why people like to visit Australia for a while. Some want to travel and explore the places while others come for a business-related purpose. Also, if you want to meet your family living in Australia, you want a visa that allows you to visit Australia.

For such temporary stay, you can apply for the visitor visa under the subclass 600. However, it would be a better idea to understand the requirements as well as the procedure.

Australia attracts so many visitors here annually.  Its because it’s the land with the unimaginable natural beauty. From coral reefs to ethereal rainforests, this is the land truly blessed by God.

Therefore, the land of kangaroos is the preferred vacation destination for so many people.  Amazing places exist in Australia, which are included in the bucket list of so many people. One of these places is the magnificent Sydney Opera House for which Sydney is renowned.

The Great Barrier Reef is also one of the attractions of Sydney which can be seen from the space too. Consisting of the largest number (3,000) of coral reefs in the world, this place covers 2,300 km. Apart from the coral reef, you can also catch a sight of the exotic species of fish consisting of sharks, dolphins, rays, turtles, and charms. The viewers don’t necessarily need to go underwater for catching the glimpse of these rare fishes, rather they can have a glimpse sitting comfortably in a glass bottom boat.


Nile Migration has some amazing experience in getting a visitor visa for its clients. We make sure that the clients can submit the relevant documents on time and get the thought of results. Cherish the experience called Australia where you can dive alongside the coral reefs. You can catch the opera shows of the Sydney Opera House featuring international singers, dancers, and ballerinas or just stare at this remarkable urban marvel. Get this visa and go to Australia without any trouble.  You will get the visa on time and reach Australia as planned for your holidays.

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Streams or the subclass of the Visitor Visa for Australia

The streams or the classes of the visa allow the foreigners to visit for their purpose. Here are all four streams that come under the Visitor visa for Australia:

1. Tourist stream

The people who want to visit Australia for tourism purpose or meet their family and friends can apply through this stream. The visa allows the person to indulge in the recreational activities for the provided period of time and spend holidays.

2. Business Visitor Stream

This one is for the business purpose. The people who want to come to Australia in order to participate in a business conference, make business deals or any other business activity can apply.

3. Sponsored Family Stream

This visa stream is for the situation when a relative is there to sponsor your visit when you want to meet your family.

4. Approved Destination Status Stream

This stream is especially for the people who belong to the People’s Republic of China. When these people want to travel Australia in a group, the Approved destination status stream becomes applicable to them.

Basic Requirements of getting the Visitor Visa for Australia

In order to get the visa, you are required to fulfill a few basic requirements. Let’s talk about them:

  • You need to convince the authorities the purpose you have to visit.
  • It is important that you provide proof of the enough financial support to use as funds during the stay. The amount depends on whether you are traveling alone or with your family.
  • You are required to provide valid proof showing that you have the reasons and intention to come back.
  • You need to show that you don’t owe any money to the Australian Government. And if you do, then, you have the availability of the money to pay them.
  • For the family stream visitor visa, it is important that you have the sponsorship from a relative.
  • Your health condition should be good.
  • You are also required to provide proof of your moral character.

Benefits of a Visitor Visa

There are multiple benefits and rights that you get with the visitor visa. A few important ones are:

  • The ability to travel Australia for holidays, family meetings or business purpose.
  • The chance to study in Australia for a period of three months.
  • The right to work as an unpaid volunteer. However, this benefit is only applicable if you are not taking place on a paid job for the Australian citizen.
  • You can even stay up to 12 months. However, the time period depends on the purpose of your visit.
  • You can have single or multiple entries in Australia during the allotted period of time.

Cost of the visa

The cost of the visa is a combination with the base application charge along with the additional charges. Also, you are required to bear the charges of medical assessment, police certification, and other certification requirements as well.

  • Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) has a base application charge of 145$
  • Additional Application charge for 18 and over are N/A.
  • Additional Application charge for 18 and under are N/A as well.

Let the Experts Help You

At Nile Migration, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Our experts can provide high-quality assistance in arranging the documents, finding the resources, and help you out in the application filing procedure. With our specialists, you don’t need to worry or take the stress. The whole procedure gets smoother with Nile Migration.

Additional Charges :

  • You are required to pay for the certifications and the examinations as well.
  • You can pay the charges for the medical examination directly to the doctor.
  • You need to pay the Police check charges to the corresponding authorities in the country you have lived. The living period should be minimum 6 to 12 months, which depends on the subclass you are applying for.

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