Australian Aged Parents Visa

Bring You Aged Parents to Stay With You In Australia with Australian Aged Parents Visa (subclass 462)

Australian Aged Parents Visa

The Australian Aged Parents Visa is the type of visa category which allows the elderly parents to stay in Australia with their children who is either the permanent citizen of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizen living in Australia for more than 2 years. It allows the depending parents to stay with their children and this visa scheme has got the longest waiting period of more than 13 years.

The Australian Aged Parents Visa is the replicate of Parent Visa Subclass 103 and suitable for applicants that are eligible for Australian age Pension. Although this visa has the lowest application fees, but being the applicant you need to wait longer as it has the longest waiting period of over 13 years.

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Who Can Sponsor Australian Aged Parents Visa?

According to the Visa Bureau, the applicants that are permanent citizen of Australia or eligible citizen of New Zealand living in Australia for over two years are eligible to sponsor the Australian Aged Parents Visa. It must be sponsored by the child, spouse of one of the children. The sponsor must also be above the age of 18 years and must be settled in Australia. But, there are situations where the sponsor under the age of 18 years can also sponsor this visa.

  • If the senior reprehensive of the organization agrees to sponsor your parents
  • If the child and the organization has a relationship
  • If the organization is well established in Australia
  • If the organization is financially stable

Eligibility for Australian Aged Parents Visa Subclass 103

To be eligible and qualify for permanent residency visa through 103 visa you need to fulfill the below requirements.

  • You need to have eligible sponsor
  • You need to be old enough to qualify for Australian
  • Aged Parents Visa and age pension in Australia You need to be eligible to secure Assurance of Support for two years
  • Meet the character and health requirements
  • Meet balance-of-family test

Fees and Costs of Australian Aged Parents Visa

The total cost of Australian Aged Parents Visa is set to $6010 and it can be paid in two instalments, of which $3945 needs to be paid on application and the remaining amount of $2065 needs to be paid to the department on demand. Please note this is not the flat rate, it may increase and you may be asked to pay additional charges to cover the other requirements.

How Long It Takes to Get Approval?

Every fiscal year, the government offers limited space for permanent Australian Aged Parents Visa and the current waiting period is 30 years. The applications are usually processed and they are lodged and if the threshold is reached, then your application will be considered in next fiscal year.

Process for Applying Australian Aged Parents Visa

You may apply for the Australian Aged Parents Visa online directly from the visa bureau sites or seek help of migration lawyers who will help you fulfil the eligibility criteria and fill the application to increase your chance of getting approval.

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