Australian Parents Visa

Australia Parents Visa

All You Need to Know About Australian Parents Visa

The Visa Bureau in May 2017 has announced that all citizen of Australia, permanent residents of Australia and eligible citizen of New Zealand settled in Australia can bring their Parents to Australia to stay with them on temporary basis. However, you need to prove that you are the permanent resident of Australia and have lived in Australia for more than 2 years prior to sponsoring your parents for temporary immigration in Australia. There is a visa category called Australian Parents Visa or Contributory Parents Visa – Subclass 864/143 which allows the parents of permanent Australia residents to visit Australia and live for two years under this visa program.

The Features of Contributory Parents Visa

  • The Contributory Parents Visa program allows the parents of Australian resident to live in Australia temporary for two years and under the Subclass 143 they can live with their Australian children and sponsor for lifetime.
  • Prior to applying for Subclass 143 visa, you can apply for the temporary visa called Subclass-173. But applying for temporary visa prior to the permanent visa may cost you more. However, the costs are spread across the two visas over the longer period of time.
  • It also allows you to apply for the Australian Parents Visa Subclass 103 which is the affordable visa than the other visas and the waiting time under this visa is 30 years.

Eligibility Criteria for Australian Parents Visa Subclass 864

  • You must have more than half of your children living in Australia as the permanent citizen for more than two years prior to applying for this category of Australian Parents Visa
  • You need to meet the age requirement of men being the 65 years old and women varying based on their date of birth
  • You need to prove that you have already sponsored any of your child living in Australia who is now the permanent citizen of Australia
  • You need to have good moral and health and conduct
  • You need to be debt free

What Are The Benefits of Australian Parents Visa?

  • The Australian Parents Visa offers you with multiple benefits including:
  • It provides the parents of Australian the right to stay in Australia with their children permanently or at a span of two years
  • They can study, work and even take advantages of medical care during their stay in Australia in Parents visa
  • You are eligible to avail the Australian’s scheme for health related care and other expenses

What is The Cost of Australian Parents Visa?

  • The cost of the Australian Parents Visa usually depends on the visa conditions, whether you are applying for a permanent Subclass 143 or Subclass 846
  • There are additional charges for over-depends on visa conditions
  • Additional charges for under-depends on the visa conditions

Prior to apply for the permanent Australian Parents Visa, sponsor can also apply for the temporary parent’s visa for Australia which is called Visa Subclass 173. This is the temporary parent visa which allows the parents to stay for a time span of 2 years.

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