Business Innovation and Investment Visa Subclass – 888

Keep yourself updated about Business Innovation and Investment Visa if you are willing to relocate to Australia for business

Business Innovation and Investment Visa
Investors and business owners willing to establish business operation in Australia must opt for Business Innovation and Investment Subclass 188 visas. This visa is for people having business skills who are willing to own or manage a new or an existing business in Australia or want to invest in Australian state and territory. It although a temporary visa can lead the pathway for a permanent residency visa or Business Innovation and Investment (permanent) Visa subclass 888 in case you satisfy particular criteria. The validity of 188 visa is 4 years. Business migration can be complex sometime and even determining if you have a good chance to qualify is difficult. In addition, you need to qualify in various business migration categories.

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Streams or the subclass of the Business Innovation and Investment Visa

  • Business Innovation Stream

For an individual who wants to develop, own and manage a new or existing business in Australia.

  • Investor stream

Individual willing to invest at least A$1.5M in a State or Territory Government security and want to maintain business and investment activities in Australia.

  • Significant Investor stream

This is for them who are willing to invest at least $5 M in certain investments in Australia and also wants to maintain business activities in Australia.

Granting of 188 visa will allow you to travel in and out of Australia within the duration period of your visa which is 4 years. It will also allow you to bring family members with you to Australia and if you permit all criteria it will lead the pathway for Permanent Residence in Australia .

If you are holding a visa in the Business Innovation stream and you are willing to extend your visa, you can apply for extension of your stay in Australia.Procedure of application for 188 VisaYou need to submit an expression of interest (EOI) through Skillselect and you must be nominated by a territory or state government before you apply for a 188 visa.

Expression of Interest

You are eligible for submission of an EOI both for outside or inside Australia. Your EOI must state the state or territory you are wishing to seek nomination from as well as you need to mention how you meet the criteria for the stream you are willing to apply.

  • State or Territory Nomination – Different state or territory has different requirements for nomination of a person for a 188 visa.
  • Criteria for Visa Application – In case you are invited for a 188 visa, you are eligible to apply from both outside or inside Australia as long as you don’t have a ‘no further stay’ clause on your Australian visa. You must have a clear history. In case you have been involved in any illegal or unethical business practices, you are not eligible for application.

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