Can We Get a job in Australia by Applying From India?

There is a lot of concern as to whether you can get one of the jobs in Australia from India or not. People want to know what chances are there.

There are cases when the candidate involved does not face any problem in securing a job abroad. It’s because of the profile which can be of an IT specialist and the employer does not care about the adaptability of the employee to the culture of Australia. This applies to the profession for which there is not much useful labor here due to which, the employers choose non-natives with high experience. IT specialists are in high demand here and the profession is there in MLTSSL under various ANZSCO codes such as 261111 for ICT Business analyst and 261112 for the systems analyst.

It’s also true of the employees who live in India and don’t face any discrimination while getting hired for Australians once they have worked for big brand names like Yahoo and Accenture.

It’s true that a majority of job applications for jobs in Australia are received from those who are living there only. This majority is quite high approximately 90%. So, if you are one of those 20% employees, who do not have residency in Australia, you have a lower possibility of getting picked up.

So, you should only devote 3 months of time to searching for a job in Australia from India. After that, time, if you are unable to get one, it’s better to go to Australia on a visitor visa and boost your chances of getting one. Now, what is a visitor visa? It’s a visa which allows you to be existing in the country of  Australia for the time which is sufficient because a stay of 12 months is allowed.  The major requirements are funds which are needed to make sure your stay for this period in Australia does not become dependent on finances of the Australian government. There are candidates who are in need of this visa to look for jobs in Australia because they are unable to get jobs in Australia from India. They can in a profile in which the competition is high like that of a teacher and the employers prefer someone who has a hold on the local culture. Under that situation, it’s better to be in Australia to be able to access a higher number of employers. Even the profession of finance can easily get you a job here.

The visitor visa is quite useful because its only available after 20 days of filing. Its better than getting an ETA which is only even applicable to those from India. Anyways, the ETA only allows a stay of 3 months in Australia. The visitor visa applicant should know that more time can be required for getting the visa once you have to be in this country for more than half a year which requires a medical test compulsorily. This kind of medical test generally encompasses an X-ray of your chest. The most important advantage is that you can, go into the country of Australia many times on this visa during the time frame of 365 days.