Complete Guide To Get Australian PR For Indians

Complete Guide To Get Australian PR For Indians

People plan for migration to enhance their living standards. The choices of migration are generally based on society, education and career aspects. If we consider an overall excellent lifestyle in all terms Australia has become the top notch priority for Indians To Migrate. The write up below will completely acknowledge you about:

What is an Australian PR?

An Australian PR is the permanent resident of Australia having permanent visa and all the rights to live, study and work in Australia. He is not a citizen of Australia but enjoys maximum facilities available to an Australian citizen.

PR OF Australia is different from the citizen in following ways:

  • Citizen of Australia have all the permits to enter the country anytime whereas if a PR wants to travel he needs to have all the necessary documents along with permanent visa.
  • In most of the cases a permanent citizen has no right to vote.

Benefits of being an Australian PR

There are several benefits for a migrant to chose Australia for immigration over other countries. Along with the best of lifestyle and professional work environment PR holders seek improved improved living standards and several rights provided by the government .

Above all, the process of application and approval of visa is quite smooth and justifiable. All the applications are first verified and then the shortlisted or eligible candidates are judged based on Australian Immigration Point CalculatorYou can surely get your visa approved based on your personal, educational and working skills, if you are worth it.

Here is the list of benefits being an Australian PR:

  • One can enjoy staying in Australia permanently. PR visa is first issued for a span of five years and then can be renewed further.
  • Australian PR can choose any educational course of his choice to pursue from Australian university.
  • If you have completed a span of two years, you can enjoy the social security . There are several benefits offered by social security department of Australia regarding unemployment, education, students and sickness.
  • As a permanent resident, you can enjoy Medicare, a health insurance scheme run by the government. Medicare provides you free health assessment at public hospitals.
  • Children of PR are considered citizens of Australia by birth.
  • PR Of Australia can directly apply for visa to New Zealand.
  • They seek the right to take certain government jobs like migration officer etc…
  • You can work with several Australian firms based on your skills and eligibility.
  • As an Australian PR, you have right to sponsor your acquaintances attained to certain criteria.

The list of the benefits is much more. It is always beneficial to be in Australia

How can you apply for Australian PR?

To apply for Australian PR, first of all you need certain necessary documents . The list of key requisites is detailed as follows:

  • All the important travel documents.
  • Your educational certifications.
  • IELTS results for english language proficiency test.
  • Documents of skill assessment test from an authorised recognition.

Once you have all the important documents, you can apply for the visa in following stepwise manner:

Choose Appropriate Visa:

To increase the chances of approval of visa choose and apply for the right visa category.

Opt for the right visa subclass or category :

There are several subclass to apply for the visa. Opt for the right category.

  • Subclass 820 and 801:

The people having family in australia can apply through this subclass. You can even opt for Partner Visa through this subclass, if your partner is PR in Australia

  • Subclass 186

This category of visa is for qualified and skilled workers. Employee Nomination Scheme helps you get the visa only if you are approved by an Australian employer or organisation.

  • Subclass 187:

This category is for people who are nominated by a certified Australian employer to work in regional Australia.

  • Subclass 132:

Popularly known as Business Talent Visa , is for the people who want to establish a new business in Australia. For this you need to be nominated by Australian government agency and satisfy the minimum business requirements in Australia.

If you have skills in any of the occupations in SOL and you pass the test and get approved by Australian state or territory agency, you can get the visa under Skilled Nominated Visa.

Skilled Independent Visa if for foreign national skilled workers. If you pass the skill test in any occupations of SOL and are nominated by any of the employer or family member, you can get visa in this category.

  • Subclass 188:

Business Innovation and Investment Visa, allows you to get Australian PR if you want to manage, start or invest in any of the new or existing business in Australia.

You can opt for any of the category for visa, you best fit into.

Select An Appropriate Job From SOL:

After choosing the subclass or category of your application of visa, you have to select an occupation for yourself from the skilled occupation list of Australia or the particular Australian state, based on your visa subclass.

Apply In Australian Point Based System:

Australian point based system plays a very important role. You need to submit your application form along with necessary details like

  • Age
  • Education
  • Language Abilities
  • Work Experience

And other personal profile details. If you score a minimum of 60 points out of 100, you are eligible to apply for the same.

Get through character and health requirements:

To apply for PR In Australia you need to be physically and mentally fit and you have to submit the relevant certifications after going through the medical examinations. Along with your health your character also play an essential role to get your visa approved. A good character at personal and professional level is must. You have to submit relevant documents too.

What is the eligibility criteria?

You are eligible to apply for Australian  PR Visa , if

  • You have family or spouse in Australia.
  • You have experience in any of the occupations in Skilled Occupation List of Australia.
  • You are nominated by Australian government state or territory agency.
  • You are sponsored by a family member.
  • If you are selected and sponsored by authorised Australian employer agency.

How does an Australian Point Based Calculator Work

The people who pass basic eligibility criteria of application for Australian visa have to pass through minimum requirements of Australian point based calculator system, to get through the immigration process. The minimum points needed to pass the calculator test is 60. You can easily get through, if

  • At the time of application your ages is below 50 years.
  • You possess a competent level proficiency in english language. A minimum score of 6 in all the four sections in IELTS examination is must.
  • You have post secondary qualification in the relevant field of SOL occupation. Any work experience would be an added benefit that might add to additional points.
  • Work experience in any of the occupations in SOL list is must. Else you are out of the eligibility criteria of application of PR Visa under skilled categories .
  • The occupation you opt for must be in SOL list. And minimum exposure in the field should be 1 to 2 years, depending on the specified terms.

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