Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 858

How Can You Get Distinguished Talent Visa Subclass 858?

The distinguished talent visa has been specially introduced for those individuals who have got international recognition for their expectational and outstanding achievements in professional work, academics, literature and arts, sports, academics or sports.

The distinguished data has been divided further into subclasses:

  • Visa subclass 845
  • Visa subclass 124

Visa Subclass 858 

Applicant need to be in Australia for applying this visa to the time when distinguished talent visa subclass 858 will be granted to you.  The applicant should be active in the expertise fields and should get the sponsorship from university. Visa subclass 858 allows its holders and their family members to live in Australia on permanent basis.

Visa requirements 

  • If you want to apply for this visa, you should have some exceptional talent in any field like academics, sports, art or research and should have earned international fame because of their talent.
  • You should be still engaged in your talent field so that you prove out to be asset for Australia.
  • Make sure that you are nominated by an eligible persona or any recognised organisation of Australia.
  • You hold good physical health and moral conducts and you will require your medical certificate stating that you are healthy and sound person.
  • You have paid your liabilities which you owed to Australian government (if had any) and now you don’t owe any more debts to them.
  • You require a valid passport for yourself and your family members who are moving along with you.  In case you don’t have a passport, you will be needed to apply for passport then only you can apply for visa.
  • You should have English proficiency certificate proving that you have functional English skills.
  • The visa will cost you around 3575$ which are base application charge and the additional cost of 1790 if you are over or above of 18 years and 895 if you are below the age of 18 years.

Privileges You Get From the Visa: 

If visa officers pass your visa application, then will get following privileges:

  • You will have right to reside in Australia indefinitely.
  • You will have authority to work and study in Australia whiles your stay.
  • You should have a clean character certificate from the police of the country you have been living in/lived in.
  • You can enrol yourself in Australian Medicare and will be able to avail the health care services of Australia.
  • It also creates your pathway to citizenship of Australia and gives you authority to sponsor nay of your family members who are willing to visit Australia.
  • You can also travel from Australia to other countries and travel within international boundaries of Australia for the five years from the date visa has been granted to you.

Make sure that you have kept all necessary documents ready and verified before you apply for the visa and the agent whose services you are availing is authentic and will not misguide you or do any kind of fraud. Distinguished talent visa subclass 858 gives wings to your dream of flying to Australia and living there. So, what are you waiting for now. Go and live your success that your talent gave you?