Do You Need A Visa For Australia With A British Passport?

Over six hundred thousand British civilians travel Australia whole year and it all thanks to the similar culture and language as well cherished weather conditions. UK (United Kingdom) and Australia also contribute monarch which makes travelling between these two countries relatively forthright.

Though, UK citizens may not require stamp or paper visa to migrate Australia, they are required to pass ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) before their arrival.

In this article will explain all the important terms which are necessary for United Kingdom civilians to secure an ETA.

What is exactly mean by Australian ETA?

Electronic travel authorization or ETA is required step which every UK civilian needs to take before their arrival in Australia. Contrary to the conventional paper visa, Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is linked electronically to that migrant’s passport which can be easily obtained from airport or by a travel agent online.

Types of visas available for British civilians

A British civilian who wants to travel Australia are eligible for following electronic type of visitor visa

  • ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) can be achieved by the British airline or travel agent online. The applicant is not required to pay any application charges for this visa although small amount of service may be applied.
  • eVisitor can be directly achieved by Immigration and Border Protection Department. Applicant is not required to pay any visa charges as well as service charges.

How long will it take to get Australian visa to UK civilians?

British civilian who applied for Australian visa through Immigration Department website will be able to get their visa within a single working day. But the process can take longer time in situations where you made some errors or some additional documents are required.

There are many alternate ways also available online which one can use to process their visa in under fifteen minutes.

How to achieve Australian visa?

You just need to visit the website of Australian Immigration Department and following every instruction given online. Sometimes this process can be little confusing but will be completed in a day. Try to take some extra care while filling up your form because a single error can make application process slow.

Passport’s validity

Your passport needs to be valid for scheduled span for your stay in Australia. No further duration of validity needed beyond this.

Different forms of Australian visa for British citizens

While applying for Australian visa, the applicant will be presented with variety of classifications on every visa based on that specific field or duration of holiday in Australia.

The classifications are done according to:

  • work visa
  • visitor visa
  • permanent resident visa
  • and business visa

Your ETA will be valid from the day it got issued. That is the reason why several British travelers tend to leave application just some days before their planned visit. Now you may have learned a lot of information about the several Australian visa provisions and benefits.