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Document Guide for PR Visa in Australia

A Complete Document Guide for PR Visa in Australia


Documentation becomes the biggest concern for people who apply for the Permanent Residency Visa in Australia. Every small document is required to ensure a smooth and comfortable procedure. Hence, the experts suggest that you should prepare an updated list of document requirements, so that, nothing can slip from your mind.

We, at Nile Migration, are always there to help you out with the visa related support. With the same goal, here, we are providing a complete list of documents that you need to have when you are applying for the PR visa in Australia.

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Documents you need for Australia Permanent Residency

Documents you need for Australia Permanent Residency

1. Passport

You are required to have the passport as a primary applicant. Also, the passports for the dependents should be available as well, who are included in the application.

2. Birth Certificate

The copy of the Birth Certificate is required. You need to have a coloured scan copy for the application.

3. English test score

Your English Proficiency Test score becomes a necessity. The test score provided by the IELTS needs to be presented for the successful application.

4. Skill assessment report

For the candidates who are applying for the skilled visa, the availability of the skill assessment report becomes necessary. This report should be provided by a relevant assessing authority.

5. Photograph

All the applicants should have a recent passport size picture of themselves. The size of the picture should 45 mm x 35 mm. Also, the background of the picture should be white. On the back of the picture, the applicant should write his or her name.

6. Marriage Certificate

For the married couples, the marriage certificate is a necessity. You need to provide the certificate if you are applying with your married partner.

7. Qualification documents

The documents associated with the qualification of the applicant is asked as well. The copies of qualification documents need to be presented. These documents are used to assess the skills and also for the legal purposes.

8. Relationship documents

For your legal relationships, you are required to provide proof in the form of documents. The documents should show that the relationship is at least 12 months long. You can provide the bank account statement, billing in the joint names and other relevant documents.

9. Point Test

You claim a score during the submission of EOI or Expression of Interest. So, it becomes important that you provide documentation to prove the score claims against the point test.

10. Divorced or Widowed

Divorce papers, death certificates, and other documents should be available if any of the applicants comes under the divorced or widowed category.

11. Health and character documents

It is important that the applicant meets the health and character requirements. Hence, the availability of the health examination report, as well as the Police clearance certificate, becomes necessary. Every member of your family needs to provide the health and moral character documents.

12. Children’s birth certificate

If the children are in the application, their birth certificates are important.

13. Evidence of parental custody

If any one of the parents of an 18-year-old is not included in the application, then, the proof of parental custody becomes necessary. You need to provide the documents showing the parental custody of the child.

14. Employment documents

For the skilled employment program, you are required to provide documents such as references, pay slips, tax returns, contracts or any other relevant. The document should be able to provide the evidence of your experience in the skill.

15. Suitable application form

According to the PR visa category, you need to attach properly filled the application form.

Apart from all the mentioned documents, you may require some additional documents. The authorities can ask you for more documents. Hence, it is important that you consult our experts in order to stay prepared with all the documents.

Missing any tiny information can delay the processing time of the visa. So, contact our consultants and let the experts handle the job for you.

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