Documents Required For Australia Skilled Nomination Visa Subclass 190

Living a life abroad not only opens up you to an ocean of opportunities but also benefits your community as well. They have an opportunity to come over for health or educational purposes. But it is not as easily done, is it? There are a number of formalities to be completed and a list of documents to be submitted. Although Australia is more lenient than other countries in its immigration policies but still it asks for a through and detailed process to be followed.

The steps involved in migration to the country are not difficult to comprehend and if systematically followed, can be met in as short period of time. It is not only the immigrant but also the country that benefits from the migration. There is a large demand for skilled laborers which cannot be met inside the country. For this, permanent visa under subclass 190 is provided to eligible candidates.

The paper work:

There are quite a few documents that you have to follow through with to complete this process correctly. Make sure that you are in possession of the following documents before you lodge your application:

  • Resume: You should be having a detailed CV that enlists all your details.
  • Skill declaration: A certificate issued from a credible authority that states that you are a skilled worker.
  • Skill assessment: Your skill level should be assessed by an independent authority.
  • Language proficiency: You should have appeared for the IELTS or any other English language proficiency test that is acceptable by the Australian standards.
  • License or registration: This is only sought in those areas in which it is specifically mentioned.
  • PhD: This too, is only where it is asked for.
  • Visa documents: Again, if applicable in your particular case.

If your paper work is processed and sent for further evaluation, you might be asked to submit the following documents too:

  • Trade proficiency certificates (training and experience certificate).
  • Educational qualifications (and certificates, if any).

Of course, you will be provided reasonable amount of time to meet these conditions but if unfulfilled you will have re do the entire process.

General Assessment:

The processing time for an average application is 12 weeks. Being nominated by an employer does help the case but even then you will be assessed on a few parameters like your age, demand for your particular skill set, the benefits that the state will get from your immigration and your ability to settle down in the country.

Further tasks:

If your application has been processed and approved fully, you will be welcomed by the relevant state government. There is no monetary charge that is asked for by the immigration authority for making the application for Visa. It might seem like there are too many steps to be climbed but once you are through, you will be given a permanent resident visa which enables you to all benefits that a citizen of the country receives.