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Emergency Rescue Visa Subclass- 203

What is Emergency Rescue Visa Subclass 203?

Emergency Rescue Visa Subclass 203 is for the persons or aspirants who are subject to maltreatment in their home country as well as might face an abrupt threat of their life or/and personal security. Though for that applicants need to be recommended by the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to the Government of Australia.

Member, an applicant, can include in the application

The applicant can include the given people in their visa application at the time of application lodgment:

  • Applicants can include their partner whether married or de facto partner
  • Applicants can also include their partner’s dependent kids
  • Applicants can also include other dependent relatives.

Eligibility criteria for the Visa 

  • Applicants should be residing outside Australia as well as being prosecuted in their home country.
  • Applicants require to be recommended by the UNHCR to the Government of Australia.
  • Applicant must acquire excellent moral as well as health character.
  • Applicant must not have any outstanding debts towards the Australian Government or else have prearranged to pay back the debts to the Government of Australia before the visa is granted.

Benefits of Emergency Rescue Visa Subclass 203 

  • The visa offers a right to stay in Australia for the indefinite period of time.
  • This visa permits applicants to work in Australia through out there stay.
  • This visa permits applicants to enrol their name in Medicare, the health-related scheme offered by Australian Government.
  • This visa permits applicants to apply for Australian citizenship if they meet the obligatory criteria.
  • This visa permits applicants to trip back and forth in Australia for five years since from the date of visa grant.
  • This visa allows applicants to sponsor their relatives for permanent residency in Australia.
  • This visa allows applicants to get their name enrolled in English language classes.

Cost and expenses of Emergency Rescue Visa 

There is not any base application charge for Emergency Rescue Visa Subclass 203 as well as there are not any additional applicant charges although, applicants have to pay for documentation, medical examination and police verification. The cost is nil except you are applying below the Community pilot. The Australian Government payout for:

  • Tour costs to Australia
  • Supplementary costs earlier than you leave for Australia such as medical examinations as well as cultural orientation.

After the visa is granted, the section of immigration, as well as border protection, will confirm you about your visa approval as well as other information like

  • At what time you can utilise the visa
  • Your visa grant number
  • Plus any other required conditions joined to the visa.

To get the benefits of this visa apply it through the professional immigrants as they will perform the procedure as required by the Australian immigration department.